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6 speed options(7 posts)

6 speed optionslnin0
Aug 19, 2003 12:20 PM
I ran across a very cheap Cannondale CAD3. It has Shimano 105 (6spd) group and hubs. SIS shifting on the downtube.

I was going to setup this bike for my girlfriend and am afraid she will not like downtube shifting. What options do I have to get this shifting off the downtube?

A local shop has some older Suntour 7 spd barcons that they said would work - can you run this setup with 7 speed shifters? Is there an option to get the shifting onto the levers?

Aug 19, 2003 3:24 PM
watch for 7 speed RSX STI levers to pop up.
oh, andgtx
Aug 19, 2003 3:30 PM
I was assuming you have a freewheel and can get a 7 speed Shimano freewheel. If you have a cassette it's probably not going to happen unless you get a new rear wheel. Your other option might be Kelly takeoffs.
here ya gogtx
Aug 19, 2003 3:35 PM
oh, andRusty Coggs
Aug 19, 2003 4:54 PM
Shimano 6 and 7 speeed index shifting had the same cog spacing. RSX 7 speed shifters will work and 8 speed cog spacing is close enough that 8 speed shifters other than DA usually work too.
Not so!satanas
Aug 28, 2003 10:05 AM
"Shimano 6 and 7 speeed index shifting had the same cog spacing."

In fact, 6 speed used 3.5mm spacers for all positions and 7 speed used 3.3mm for the two smallest cogs and 3.1mm for the rest, while 8 speed uses 3.3mm for the two smallest cogs and 3.0mm for the rest.

In practice, 7 and 8 speed spacing are close enough that things can be interchanged freely 99+% of the time; 6 speed is NOT compatible unless the spacers are changed!
re: 6 speed optionsRusty Coggs
Aug 19, 2003 5:02 PM
I have some Suntour index barends that I tried to use with an otherwise shimano drive train. Could not get it to index right. If the small cogs were ok,then the big ones were off,and the other way around. Switched the rear derailer to a suntour index type and evrything worked.Apparently the shimano/suntoru cog spacing was not the big issue but RD compatibility was....In addition to 7 speeed RSX STI shifters,you could consider shimano barends in 6 or 7 speed. Either ebay or Also, also sells adapter pods that will convert your downtube shifters to barend.