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Carbon bars/parts for daily rides okay??(4 posts)

Carbon bars/parts for daily rides okay??10kman
Aug 18, 2003 9:51 AM
Just wondering how carbon handlebars hold up for daily riding/normal use. I'm thinking of revamping my 52k slowly, and am a weight freak (a sane one though), and really like carbon stuff.

I have run carbon my mtb's without problems, I'd assume the road bike stuff is fine as well, but wanted other opinions.

Do you have to be more careful loading stuff into the car, etc., or is it just fine to treat it like you would anything else??
re: Carbon bars/parts for daily rides okay??filtersweep
Aug 18, 2003 1:13 PM
You should be fine- and you should always be careful loading your bike into your car...

I have carbon bars- but I don't know that they are all the much lighter than a good al set... they are stiffer than light aluminum...
re: Carbon bars/parts for daily rides okay??Synchronicity
Aug 18, 2003 4:16 PM
If anything, a good well made set of carbon composite bars should have a greater fatigue life than aluminium ones. You WILL need to be careful not to get it scratched excessively. Take a bit more time to make sure the parts aren't going to bang around and whack eachother. Take my word for it as a materials scientist. This is advanced material and it requires the respect it deserves. It ISN'T a hunk of metal that is simply mashed into shape. People that treat it as such do not understand the material science of the issue - mind you very few people do.

Off the subject a bit:
Listen to the people that think you should cut carbon steerer tubes with a normal hacksaw, say it is fine done that way and then say "Oh you should wrap tape on the tube to stop the composite fraying". Then I hear: "the bike shop does it that way" or "the magazine does it that way". Like they know everything. Although it may work fair enough with a brand new really sharp hacksaw blade, what happens when people use a dodgey blunt hacksaw blade with missing teeth to cut a $350.00 fork?
However, if they used a tungsten-carbide hacksaw blade (for cutting tiles, etc) they could actually *CUT* the material, yes slice right through it, not have to wrap "quick fix" tape around it while cutting, and yet not have to worry about the end of the composite tube stuffing up.

But then people will always tell you: "she'll be right; no special care necessary" Take it with a pinch of salt is what I'm saying. I believe you can only ever have about a roomful of experts on any particular topic -- more than that and some just don't qualify. Now I certainly wouldn't profess myself to be an "expert" on the subject of composites, but those fruit loops aren't even close!
re: Carbon bars/parts for daily rides okay??10kman
Aug 19, 2003 4:12 AM
You are certainly correct. I use carbide hacksaw blades on all of my fork cutting adventures (for carbon steerer tubes). Worked very well, didn't even take a chance with a normal metal one.

I'm usually more careful with carbon stuff anyway, I was concerned with daily durability, but like you said, it *should* have a greater fatigue life......