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Selcof biposition seatpost - help(4 posts)

Selcof biposition seatpost - helpslopoke
Aug 18, 2003 8:24 AM
Having trouble getting my saddle level with the Selcof biposition seatpost -- it seems that the wrench flat portion on the base of the front bolt is getting in the way of the top part of the clamp. I'm not sure how the bolt is actually mounted on the seatpost column, but it doesn't appear that I can set it any deeper in the post.

Any solutions? I absolutely do not want to change saddles, since I've finally found one that is comfortable to me (Azoto Triathgel).
not clear...C-40
Aug 18, 2003 11:29 AM
The hex bolt in the front adjusts the angle. The further it is screwed into the top of the clamp, the lower the nose of the saddle. If you have it screwed all the way into the top portion of the clamp (no threads showing) then it can't go any lower. If you're using the more setback position, the amount of downward tilt will be reduced.

The front bolt cannot be moved to a lower position to provide more downward tilt. The bolt has an o-ring below the hex that keeps it from falling through the bottom of the post when it is completely unscrewed from the top portion of the clamp. Remove the o-ring, and the bolt will come out the bottom of the post.

There is a small chance that the bolt could be removed and and one or two appropriately sized washers placed on top to lower the bolt, but the o-ring that holds the bolt in place would no longer function. You'd have to insert something up into the post to hold the bolt during the installation of the saddle.
you've confirmed...slopoke
Aug 18, 2003 12:46 PM fear that I would not be able to angle the nose of the saddle down enough to get it level. The front bolt has been screwed in as far as it will go. Too bad. Seems like a nice post otherwise, and I really could have used the extra setback.

My only other thought would be to try looking for a way to effectively place some sort of shim beneath the lower part of the cradle (the semicircular piece that sits below the rails) to jack up the rear part to increase overall downward tilt. I'm not sure how safe an idea that would be, though...
same seatpost, same problemtarwheel
Aug 19, 2003 11:56 AM
I bought a Selcoff Biopost because it had a lot of setback. However, when I trie