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How do the skewers on Trainers work(8 posts)

How do the skewers on Trainers workLKDog
Aug 18, 2003 6:55 AM
I realized that my old fan trainer is not going to work on the wheelset(Bontrager Race Lite) that came with my LeMond Zurich.
In looking at some of the newer trainers by Minoura, etc it seems that some of them advertise a "skewer" that replaces the quick release system on the stock wheelset so the trainer can work with the wheels.

How does this work? Is it hard to set up?
Does it work effectively. I am just looking for a basic trainer for rainy days and the Midwest winter.
My old fan trainer was loud, but worked fine.
re: How do the skewers on Trainers workrussw19
Aug 18, 2003 7:23 AM
Is your trainer not compatible with the skewer that came with your new wheels? Does the skewer not fit into the mount on the trainer? Or is the new wheel too wide? It seems that we would need a better description of the problem to answer it properly.... but if the skewer just doesn't fit, go to your LBS and get yourself an older style skewer. Swap it out for the new one on your Race Lites when you want to use the trainer.

Other than that, I am not getting a good mental picture of your problem, so it is hard to try to give you proper advice. But try another skewer is the first thing I would tell you.

re: How do the skewers on Trainers workcdhbrad
Aug 18, 2003 7:44 AM
I don't use my good skewers on my trainer bike because the trainer mechanism isn't really set up to accept the flatter release handles that you see on most aftermarket skewers these days. Besides, the trainers can be pretty rough on the rear skewers, since that is how most support the rear wheel. Better to use the one from the Manufacturer of the Trainer than to ruin a good aftermarket skewer.
re: How do the skewers on Trainers workrussw19
Aug 18, 2003 7:59 AM
I hear ya... and that's good advice.. but I was talking about going to the LBS and raiding the used parts/junk parts bin for the skewers... not anything that I would pay more than $5 for. Like an older cheap steel Shimano skewer.

One skewer that works really well in most trainers is the type that takes an allen wrench to bolt on. Not a quick release (and don't use the Control Tech ones with alloy ends... but get the cheap ones that are steel, like Pyramid or Trans-X brand.) That way the skewer lever is not a limiting factor.

re: How do the skewers on Trainers workLKDog
Aug 18, 2003 8:20 AM
Thanks for the responses.
I am new at some of the terms so bear with me.
My new bike has the Bontrager Quick release lever.
There is no nub or anything for my old trainer (Nagaouka) quick release lever to hold onto on the lever side of the Bontrager.

The old trainer did not have a skewer with it, just the two things that held the rear wheel. One side just screwed onto the wheel nut. The other side has a quick release lever.
On my old bike's quick release lever had a nub on it and it worked out OK.

Now, to sound like a complete dumbass- I really don't know what a skewer is. Are you guys saying I can just put an old one in my wheel for the winter?
Does the Bontrager quick release system just comwe out of the hub and I can throw something else in?

Hope this explains this better.
re: How do the skewers on Trainers workmaximum15
Aug 18, 2003 8:56 AM
What you are terming as a quick release lever is actually the quick release lever on the end of the skewer. Flip the lever down, unscrew the nut on the other side, and pull it out of the wheel hub. What you have in your hands comprises the skewer. I wouldn't use that nice Bontrager skewer in a trainer for two reasons. One is it probably won't fit well and it will become scratched (also your bike may slip in the trainer). The second reason is related to the first -- the damage could result in a latent skewer failure. You should be able to pick up a cheap metal skewer at your local bike shop for $5 or less. Remove you Bontrager skewer and replace it with this cheapy when putting the bike in the trainer. Also, make sure the bike shop knows you want a rear wheel skewer as it is longer than the front.
re: How do the skewers on Trainers workLKDog
Aug 18, 2003 9:33 AM
Thanks for the info.
I think I understand this all a little better.
Getting an old skewer sounds like the way to go.
re: I use an old Shimano on my Trainer andcdhbrad
Aug 18, 2003 11:27 AM
put the good stuff on when its time to hit the road. Your LBS will probably have plenty of them lying around in the parts bins, just get the "rear" like they said above.