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help wrenches..DA carbon brake pad noise(2 posts)

help wrenches..DA carbon brake pad noisekenyonCycleist
Aug 17, 2003 6:23 PM
i get this noise from the rear brakes onle when pulling both front and rear sounds like a loud vibration like the pads are shot ,but the thing is i only had em for a week now..any ideas
re: help wrenches..DA carbon brake pad noisedivve
Aug 18, 2003 4:17 AM
Provided nothing is loose or has excessive play, the common method used to prevent vibration and or squealing is to slightly toe the pads in. This isn't however a current feature of DA. The easiest option is to get the Koolstop DA holders that will allow for this adjustment, second you could file the pads slightly to create a toe-in effect, third you can "cold set" the calipers (bend them) for more toe-in.

BTW, check for debris build up first. It might just be a matter of cleaning the pads and rims. Also it's worth trying are a few sessions of hard braking. The vibration might disappear by itself.