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Tire bead "flap" peeling down under rim bead(1 post)

Tire bead "flap" peeling down under rim beadgibbons
Aug 15, 2003 4:48 AM
Our folding tires have that normal little "flap" glued part way up the bead. I assume it is there to protect the sidewall from abrasion and wear at the rim bead. The problem is, it is peeling doward so that it is actually below the bead of the rim. The sidewall in those places is right on the aluminum. Should we worry about this? Is there a glue that will hold it back up on the sidewall? Like a tubular glue?

These are the folding 26x1" Hutchinsons we use to road ride on our mountain bikes. We have a century ride coming up, just wondering if the tires will be OK for my 3 sons and I for 100 miles. There's no sidewall damage yet.