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Campy Hiddenset(3 posts)

Campy HiddensetOtis175
Aug 14, 2003 3:39 PM
I have a cannondale CAAD5 frame with a headtube designed for an Integrated headset. CDale reccomends using the Campy Hiddenset system. My question is can I use any integrated headset or do I have to use the hiddenset. Will my frame get damaged?
re: Campy Hiddensetdivve
Aug 14, 2003 11:07 PM
Normally speaking a CAAD5 is reamed to accept the Hiddenset only. If you want a different headset you'll have to ream the head tube again (provided it's possible).

The Hiddenset is an excellent headset however and it's only around $55 for the standard Record version. Very easy to install and service, smooth and well sealed too.
re: Campy HiddensetCalvin
Aug 15, 2003 3:06 AM
The Hiddenset is Campagnolo's integrated design. You must use only the Hiddenset orother headsets designed to fit it. There are various ingerated headset designs, and none are interchangeable. The so-called IS design (used mainly by Cane Creek) is a different diameter and depth. Reaming is not an option, as there is very little material available. The Hiddenset is also a bit larger in diameter as compared to the IS.

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