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Thomson Masterpiece seatpost(2 posts)

Thomson Masterpiece seatpostPewe
Aug 14, 2003 3:46 AM
I'm looking for a top quality seatpost and I saw that Thomson is making a new post called the masterpiece. Have you tried it? And Campy is making a new carbonpost for -04. Which one should i go for in your opinion? Perhaps you have other suggestions as well.


Have only seen a picture of it. However,Fez
Aug 14, 2003 5:32 AM
The weight savings are faily minimal at 40g. The Masterpiece looks almost exactly like the Elite, except for the logo on the side. Its pricey at $140.

You said you want a "top quality" seatpost. I think the Thompson Elite is top quality. The Masterpiece is the same design, just a bit more machined and hollowed out for lighter weight. I would guess the Elite is more robust.

Quality issues aside, only you can decide if an extra $70 is worth 40 fewer grams. And one more thing, I don't know if the Masterpiece is avail in the setback design.