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Avocet computer question(8 posts)

Avocet computer question2cflyr
Aug 11, 2003 1:20 PM
Forgive me if this has been asked, but how do you mount the round wheel magnet on a bike with radially-laced spokes?

the wheels are velomaxes, and the only cross- spoke area is on the drive side of the rear wheel.

does avocet have some other magnet for this purpose?

thanks ahead of time.

Aug 11, 2003 2:10 PM website has an aero adapter. Not sure if that adapter is appropriate for Velomax.

Another option is to cut off the prongs on the standard magnet and use string or fishing line and tie the magnet to the spokes, threading through the holes in the magnet assembly.

Aug 11, 2003 3:05 PM
im thinking of just making a birds-nest of nylon ties to see what is possible.

the magnet ring has not tabs on it (for the 45tt) and Im planning on emailing them to find out what will work.
re: Avocet computer question12x23
Aug 11, 2003 5:45 PM
I used zip ties (threaded through the tabs on the magnet housing) on my front Ksyrium and on a radially laced American Classic hub. It "aint real purty" but as far as I know Avocet doesn't make an adapter for either. I used the smallest zip's I could find. If you choose this route leave them a little loose or the magnet housing will flex. You'll have to experiment to get it right, but it seem to hold up fine.
Try using "twist ties" for sanwich bagsWiseGuy
Aug 11, 2003 6:11 PM
To hold the magnet in place, I use the little "twist ties" you get with sandwich bags. First I remove the plastic laminate and that leaves me with a small wire which I put thru the magnet tab and around a spoke. I twist it tight, then use wire cutters to trim the excess material.

Has worked great for me!
re: Avocet computer questionIronbutt
Aug 12, 2003 3:41 AM
A magnet is a magnet is a magnet. Mavic makes a really nice little magnet for use on their wheels with bladed spokes, and since their Ksyrium wheels use alumnium alloy spokes, they are slightly wider than most other bladed spokes. Which means that the Mavie magnet works well on most any bladed spoke. They are available at any shop that sells Mavic wheels.
re: Avocet computer question7ti
Aug 12, 2003 7:50 AM
I've encountered the same problem with my Campy Nucleon wheels and Avocet 45tt computer. I've resolved the problem very successfully by popping the ring magnet out of the retainer and sticking the magnet to the hub with all purpose decorative adhesive. You should be able to get the adhesive at any craft store. It comes on a roll and has the consistency of modelling clay. It's waterproof, does not dry out and holds the magnet rock solid around the hub. The adhesive can also be removed and reapplied repeatedly. The adhesive I have is called "Vogue Stickum". As an alternative, you can purchase Avocet's rear wheel mount kit and attach the magnet to the drive side of your rear wheel. The rear mount kit is $12.99 at Colorado Cyclist.
re: Avocet computer questionMikeDee
Aug 16, 2003 5:24 PM
I'm pretty sure you can just zip tie it to 3 or 4 radial spokes. I'm talking about the magnet that goes on the rear wheel, not the front.