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Anyone running Shimano crankset w/ Campy 10?(4 posts)

Anyone running Shimano crankset w/ Campy 10?stratoshark
Aug 11, 2003 12:31 PM
Thinking of trying this on a 2001 Daytona group. I can get a DA 9 spd 53/39 180mm crank at a good price, so I would like to experiment with the crank length. With a DA or Ultegra bb, I can save some bucks over a Campy Record crank/bb setup too.

Anyone running a Shimano 9 spd crank with Campy 10? Any problems with a Campy 10 chain on the Shimano rings? Other issues I'm missing? I've considered the bad karma with the mixture of religions, uh, I mean components, and am willing to venture forth anyway :)

Thanks for any info.
re: Anyone running Shimano crankset w/ Campy 10?_jim_
Aug 11, 2003 12:47 PM
i'm running a circa 1995 8 speed dura-ace crank, bb and rings, with 10 speed chain on 2001 9 speed veloce levers & rear derailleur. works near perfect. if the front dura-ace derailleur cage was a little narrower the front gear changes would be better.

at the moment, i have to overshift a tad on the throw from the big to the small. a campy 9 speed front derailleur with the little plastic insert for 10 speed would solve this problem nicely. good luck.
thanks, jimstratoshark
Aug 11, 2003 1:10 PM
I forgot to mention the Daytona group is 10 speed, so my FD should help with shifting. Thanks again for the info.
yes, works fineweiwentg
Aug 11, 2003 2:49 PM
I have a DA crank on a mixed 10s group. works without issue. never dropped a chain in umpteen races. go for it! you do save significant weight over Campy cranks.