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Supergo Ultegra wheelset?(6 posts)

Supergo Ultegra wheelset?gregario
Aug 11, 2003 4:29 AM
I just built up a new frame and put on a pair of Dura-Ace Open Pro wheels ordered from Performance. Well, the first 30 mile shakedown ride resulted in three rear spokes loosening up and a big wobble. I can true this up myself but it seemed like the spoke tension was low to begin with and I was annoyed about a wheel not holding up for its first ride. So, I thought the hell with it, I'm going to send the set back. Has anyone ordered and used the Ultegra/Open Pro set from Supergo that's going for $199? Seems like a great deal and the catalog says they're made by Wheelsmith. Any comments? Thanks.
Supergo is owned by Performancepitt83
Aug 11, 2003 4:45 AM
You may get your same wheels back; you'll likely get the same quality you had.

I've had great wheels from ColoradoCyclists. Others give good FB about them too. Their prices are quite comparable.
Supergo is owned by PerformanceWesman
Aug 11, 2003 5:06 AM
I've gotten some Rhyno Lites with XT hubs from SuperGo.

Many reviews I read including a yellow instruction sheet suggest that the wheels be immediately trued/tensioned at your LBS before riding and then checked after 30 miles (or something like that).

I had to true mine right out of the box and then adjust slightly after the first ride.

Did yours come with instructions?
no instructions incluededgregario
Aug 11, 2003 6:00 AM
I've never had a problem with wheels from Excel or CC. I don't think a well built properly tensioned wheel should require retruing and tensioning after one ride.
yeah i know Performance owns Supergo....gregario
Aug 11, 2003 5:58 AM
I've heard others on this forum mentioning that wheel deal from Supergo however and wondered what their results were after using them for a while. I didn't want to get them and have the same problem. I've bought wheelsets from Excel and CC in the past with no problems but was trying to save some money and get my Performance membership perks out of it (10% back, 2nd day shipping). Maybe I'll just get a set from my preferred supplier, Excel.
re: Supergo Ultegra wheelset?took
Aug 11, 2003 5:21 AM
Go with colorado cyclist or excel sports. The spoke tension on performance built wheels is always low and almost always needs to be retensioned. same goes for nashbar. colorado takes their wheels up to a higher tension to there's less "break-in."