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Recomendation on a Carbon post.(15 posts)

Recomendation on a Carbon post.Ed4301
Aug 10, 2003 12:33 PM
I'm looking for a way reduce road vibration on my bike. I was looking at carbon seatposts but wasn't sure on which one to get. Any opinions? Easton?
ITM Millenium...C-40
Aug 10, 2003 1:39 PM
Available from for about $90 in a 250mm length. Has the same great 2-bolt clamp that comes on the Colnago C-40 post.

Don't excpect miracles with regard to vibration though. If you've got a rough riding frame, it won't help much if any.
Maxm makes a great postpedalAZ
Aug 10, 2003 2:06 PM
Comes in 27.2 and 31.6, each in 400mm, which you can cut to desired length to save weight. Before cutting, they weigh in about 230 grams. The tubing is a proprietary design called Isogrid, which is stronger than regular CF tubing due to the waffle grid on the inside of the tube. See

If you want to get real tricky, you can order custom bike frames with Isogrid tubing in the front triangle.
USE Alien CarbonVamoots
Aug 10, 2003 4:25 PM
Good looking, 138 grams, lots of adjustment. A bit strange (alien?) regarding setup but works fine when you get used to it.
what I think of USE Alien......divve
Aug 10, 2003 6:12 PM
The below is pasted from the MTBr board (it's about the road seat post) about 6 weeks ago...suffice to say I don't USE it anymore and don't recommend it to anyone.


"no offense..."

...but the design of the Alien seat clamp is pretty much flawed. Sure it clamps fine and it's light. However, to get the saddle where you want it is a real chore. I'm quite particular when it comes to seat angle and set-back. I like to make small adjustments on the road until I get my saddle position just right. This is impossible to do with the Alien seat post. You'll have to carry a hammer with you to knock the clamp loose to make an adjustment. You can't simply fine tune it. As an insult to injury the saddle angle will also change as you tighten the clamp down. You basically have to guess and or predict where it will eventually end up. Currently I have a carbon one on my road bike. It took me 3 days and I'm sure over 20 tries to get it right. I dislike it now so bad that I want it gone. As soon as I get my new stuff I'm taking the thing off my bike and I'll make it disappear:)
185 lbs and it is rock solid for mespookyload
Aug 10, 2003 6:28 PM
I wouldn't use it on the trail at my weight, but on the road it is perfect. I haven't had an ounce of slipage, and it might take some work on initial setup, but everything isn't supposed to be easy is it? If you take your time and FOLLOW THE INSTURCTIONS you will be fine. If you switch your saddles often, this might not be the best choice however. They can be had cheap at
I have a USE Alien..gav
Aug 10, 2003 7:17 PM
The clamp is a bit fickle, but it really isn't that much of a pain.. And it's not like you have to adjust it every other ride or anything like that.. I wouldn't recommend trying to adjust it mid-ride though, that would suck a bit.. Overall, I like the post, and would recommend it..
I have a USE Alien..divve
Aug 10, 2003 11:05 PM
The problem is to get it correctly adjusted in the first place. I can easily feel saddle angle differences of less than a millimeter. Being that the angle changes considerably during tightening down of the clamp, it makes it almost impossible to get it right without a long trial and error. Additionally, the set-back of the clamp itself (far below what is considered standard) is dependant on the angle adjustment, which only aggravates the set-up procedure due to the problematic clamp design.

Admittedly, if the angle didn't change during tightening I could live with it. Too bad that's not the case for an otherwise quite a good looking and very light-weight seat post.
I have a USE Alien..gav
Aug 11, 2003 8:09 PM
I think that that's fair to say.. I'm usually not too picky about my saddle angle within a few degrees so didn't have to fiddle with the saddle much.. I can understand how that would drive somebody insane though.. So I guess that I would recommend if you don't usually fiddle with your saddle angle/setback much.. Like me.. If you do, maybe another post??
USE Alien Carbon - thumbs downpedalpete
Aug 11, 2003 10:05 AM
i got an alien carbon as well, my complaint isn't so much with the adjustability of the clamp, but that the set back is affected by the angle of the saddle.
USE also recommends the saddle be replaced every few years 1-3 which is kinda strange, and doesn't give me alot of confidence in the product.

I'll be replacing mine with a Corima.
EC-70 exploded on mepitt83
Aug 11, 2003 4:48 AM
Only 2 small spots of epoxy held the head onto the post. I was riding home, stood to accelerate, sat down and BOOM! The whole Al head snapped off. Very poor workmanship was obvious.

I've been riding on a Deda blackstick since w/o incident.
I broke a Deda Blackstick (sort of) in a panic stop. I was dbill
Aug 11, 2003 7:07 AM
descending a country road; I was trying to be careful around the many blind corners, but at one point I guess I got a little ahead of myself, turned a corner, and came face to face with the dreaded middle of the road mini-van. I hit the brakes. A little better bike handling would have got me around the vehicle, a little worse would have smashed me into it. The rear of the bike flew up, and when it came down, I landed rather heavily on the saddle. I sheared off some of the carbon ratchets in the serrated bottom section between the alu clamp and the carbon post.
I'm not crazy about carbon posts.
Wow, scary!pitt83
Aug 11, 2003 7:40 AM
Mine was a very gentle typicall sit and an obvious manufacturers defect, but that's scary.

Another good post above from sppoky; don't mess with it once you're dialed in. Torque wrench the bolts too. I think if you over touque, things get out of whack and streese build up or become significant.

If the blackstick fails, I'll go back to Thompson straight.
Real issuefiltersweep
Aug 11, 2003 9:00 AM
Nothing wrong with a carbon post- I use one myself- but the question is, does it really reduce road vibration? I'm thinking it is minimal at best. Don't expect a miracle.

Also, I'd pick adjustability over weight any day... FWIW.
I know it's not carbon, but.....xcmntgeek
Aug 11, 2003 1:35 PM
I would recomend a Ritchey WCS seatpost anyday. I switched from an Alien Carbon andI could not tell the difference as far as vibration dampening. The Alien is still a good seatpost and it held up well during a few high speed crashes and some CX races (even with my abismal remounts).