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What cassette with compact crankset?(5 posts)

What cassette with compact crankset?STI
Aug 8, 2003 4:54 AM
I'm currently building up a new bike and have purchased an FSA compact crankset. The chainrings are 34/50. My question is: What do others use for their cassette gears and how do you like the setup? I'm considering the Campy 13-29 cassette. Not a lot of top end, but this should be a killer climbing setup without the weight of a triple. Thanks for all your help.
Keep the rubber side down.
re: What cassette with compact crankset?Rusty Coggs
Aug 8, 2003 5:22 AM
I have a 50/34 and use it with a 13x28. It's not my fast bike,but works as well on steep stuff as my triples with a 30x23 low. YMMV,depending on what you want to do with it and lots of other things.
gear comparison...C-40
Aug 8, 2003 5:36 AM
If you really want climbing and descending gears, you can't beat a triple. Your double with a 34/29 equals the low gear of a 30/25 triple, but loses a lot on the top end, since the 50/13 is only equivalent to a 53/14. Unfortunately, you can't have your cake and eat it too.

A 34/29 is virtually identical to the 30/25 low gear that you get with a 12-25 and a triple crank. I'm just getting acclimated to the high altitude of Denver and I've used a 30/25 on climbs up High Grade Road, near Chatfield.

As another comparison, a 34/25 is nearly identical to a 39/29, so running a 12-25 would give you the same low end as a 39/29. Personally, that's what I would choose to avoid killing the top end.

As for the top end, a 50/13 is within 2% of a 53/14. Using a 13-29 would drop the top end quite a bit.
Got to have a 12LC
Aug 8, 2003 12:17 PM
50/13 is just not enough to pedal down a hill or with a tail wind. 12-27 should give you a low enough gear.
re: What cassette with compact crankset?pedalAZ
Aug 8, 2003 7:19 PM
I was thinking of 11-25 for that crankset. Gives more top end than a traditional 53-39x12-23 (4.55 vs 4.42) and is an easier climber (1.36 vs 1.70).

A triple with a 12-25 cassette gears down to 1.2.

Trying a 12-27 with the 34/50, you get 1.26 on the low end, almost the same as with a triple, but give up only 6% of the top end (4.42 down to 4.17).