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Dura Ace STI Won't Click Rear(7 posts)

Dura Ace STI Won't Click RearWesman
Aug 7, 2003 11:04 AM
About 2k miles on Dura Ace 9 speed.

The RD is having trouble shifting but only when going from 4th smallest to 3rd smallest cog.

I have to really push the lever hard left once or twice for it to finally "click" at the end of it's reach.

Going from 5th to 4th or 3rd to 2nd is a bit hard but at least it clicks.

It's not the movement that's hard, it's that the click doesn't happen until the end of the reach.

Any guesses on what needs adjusting? The RD is pretty well lubed and clean.

Sounds like the shifter pod to mepitt83
Aug 7, 2003 11:15 AM
There are 2 types of shifter pod failures. One is just as you describe. Particular shifts don't ratchet properly. The other is the inner lever failure. Read up by searching and see what you learn. DA STI is 3yr warrantee, but Shimano is pretty good about being liberal with that.
First, try the old "flush & lube"Kerry Irons
Aug 7, 2003 5:23 PM
Sluice out the innards with something like WD40, and then chase that with TriFlow. Lots of shifters have been "fixed" this way. If that doesn't work, then it's warranty time for you.
First, try the old "flush & lube" and replacing the cablesedmundtan
Aug 7, 2003 5:44 PM
I would try replacing the shifter cable also. Grit and rust will cause poor shifting.
Try replacing both shifter cables and all 3 cable housings (nm)Al1943
Aug 7, 2003 6:37 PM
Off to the LBS for warranty. Still does it even without cables.Wesman
Aug 8, 2003 3:09 AM
Tries lots of WD40. Took off the cable. It still does it - now even on all gears...

3 year warranty on DA. I wonder If I'll have to prove the age?
If not, and if you're patient like rockbenderpitt83
Aug 8, 2003 5:10 AM
These supposedly can be fixed. I would never have the patience to try, but I'm absolutely amazed by rockbender's ability to fix one.

Jervis "Two six-packs and seven hours later, man does the impossible" 7/28/03 5:47pm

Maybe get the blown one back and try for a spare?

Ebay is tough to buy these on. I tried for 3 weeks and gave up. Bought new Ultegra with 20% off Nashbar coupon cheaper than I could ever bid for them. One of the ads on this site shows single shifters for sale too.