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Sidi Genius 4 Carbon - opinions?(3 posts)

Sidi Genius 4 Carbon - opinions?sbornia
Aug 6, 2003 3:50 PM
Hello all - I've searched the archives, but can't come up with too much on this topic. Anyone out there using the Sidi Genius with the carbon soles? How do they compare with the regular Genius sole, in terms of stiffness and comfort? Any experience you can share would be appreciated!

re: Sidi Genius 4 Carbon - opinions?techie470
Aug 7, 2003 4:54 AM
Love mine! I changed the footbeds to a pair of superfeet inserts, after a couple hunderd miles of breakin they feel super.
These are the first pair of Sidi's I've used so can't compare against others. A great improvement over my Pearl Izumi Vortexs.

I'm using the Ergo 1Eric_H
Aug 7, 2003 2:45 PM
I have been using the Ergo 1 this season, which has the same sole as the G4 Carbon but a different upper. Previously I have used Sidi Tecno, Shadow and Energy 2.

Flexing the Ergo 1 versus a new pair of Energy 2, using my hands, I can see the difference in stiffness. However, when riding I am not sure I can feel it. For me, the biggest gain is the new arch compression strap on the Ergo1 , it is made from a softer rubber like material on the edges and it does not cut into my foot like the harder plastic version on the G4 and Energy 2. I'm pretty sure the 2004 G4 Carbon will have the new strap, as pictures of Simoni and Casagrande show them using it.

The Sidi carbon sole is not 100% carbon as you likely know. It has two carbon inlays in the otherwise thermoplastic sole. So, there is still room for a bit of flex, and this was integral to Sidi's design. They claim having the sole too rigid can cause problems with the feet over time. A full carbon sole like the Shimano R214 or DMT Ultimax Carbon is definitely stiffer.