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Weight of frame+fork Trek OCLV 2003 ??(2 posts)

Weight of frame+fork Trek OCLV 2003 ??Derrick VL
Aug 4, 2003 12:55 PM
Who knows the weight of the frame + fork of the Trek 5200 (same as 5500) frame model 2003, size 62 (or other sizes)??

I contacted Trek, and they only know the weight of the 56 size .... (1090 + 445 g).
re: Weight of frame+fork Trek OCLV 2003 ??Atombomber
Aug 4, 2003 5:23 PM
Ummmmm.... 56 is 1090g + 445g

Can't help with the other sizes, and I am not willing to unbuild my 60cm to get the measurements.

the 62cm is 10.7% larger than the 56cm, but I doubt there is 10.7% more material, since certain parts of the frame and fork are the same size, regardless of the size of the frame (fork blades, lugs, chain stays, seat stays between dropout and rear crown...). A 5% addition to weight would not seem unrealistic but that is probably high. 5% would be 1612g (or 3.5pounds) for the frame and fork. Sorry, but I can't be any help.