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Bontrager Select wheels- opinions, care?(7 posts)

Bontrager Select wheels- opinions, care?off roadie
Aug 3, 2003 6:08 PM
My girlfriend just bought (well, made me buy for her so I won't leave her at home so much) a Trek 7500. Its a "faster" hybrid bike that has a "Bontrager Select" wheelset.
Inspecting this wheelset at home made me kinda dubious. Its a nice enough design: semi-deep rims, paired spokes (dt 2.0/1.8, 20 front, 24 rear) asymetric rear rim. But the assembly seems iffy- spoke tension on the rear varies from a low of 65kg up to a high of 100kg on the non drive side, and ranges a bit higher (but with as little consistancy) on the drive side. This doesn't seem very good for the spoke type / spoke count, and additionally my girlfriend is, um, not so light.
Am I right in guessing I should raise (and hopefully even) the spoke tension some? I don't want to risk harming the rims, but I also want the wheels to give her a lot of trouble free service.
May not be relevant, but my recent Bontrager experience....cory
Aug 3, 2003 6:24 PM playing out badly. I bought a set of Rivendell's Deore/Bontrager wheels for my Atlantis, and the rear rim (a Fairlane, only distantly related to yours) has crumbled in <<2000 miles. Got cracks around several spoke holes and four or five splits where the rim bends from the braking surface to whatever the other part's called, where the spokes go through. I've been e-mailing Rivendell for advice (not mad, just politely asking if it's been a problem before I order another wheel), but no response in about two weeks.
Don't see how it could hurt for you to even up the tension, though. That just sounds like sloppy assembly.
very diffrentoff roadie
Aug 4, 2003 8:06 AM
I actually have a Bontrager Failane on my road bike. Its heavy, but so am I, and its mostly on there for commutting. It seems a good rim- I weigh 190 and have little concern when launching off curbs and so on. Its got 1000 miles and only needed minor truing, looks to be in fine shape.
I built that wheel myself, and the tensions are pretty high. 32 sapim race 14/15 spokes, brass nipples all around, 105 hub.
Your cracks at the utside edges of the spoke bed sound REALLY odd. Are you doing massively loaded touring, or using it on a tandem? If not, I'd maybe try to contact Bontrager directly, and see if they will replace the rim via warrenty- that sounds like definate manufacure defect (bad heat reating, maybe).
OTOH, its a pretty inexpensive rim, and maybe you don't want to risk having the same problem again...

My concern on the B-selct was that it was a paired spoke wheel. Never having messed with those, I figured maybe uneven spoke tensions were common to such wheels, since it may be the only way to get them true.
I think you're right about the uneven spoke tensions. nmOldEdScott
Aug 4, 2003 8:11 AM
I was pleased with mineslide13
Aug 3, 2003 7:04 PM
My Lemond Buenos Aires came with the Select wheels on it and they held up really well for me. Considering I was at 275lbs at the time, that's pretty good (down to 225 so far) I swapped out to Campy so I went with some Record hubs on OP's but while I had the Bontragers they performed well and almost never needed truing. If they are straight I wouldn't worry about it too much.
re: Bontrager Select wheels- opinions, care?Nate552
Aug 3, 2003 7:33 PM
I used to ride on some Selects, and my Dad is currently riding some because I recommended them to him when he destroyed his old wheels. I put well over 2000 miles on my Selects (before I upgraded to Race Lites) and never trued them once, and never had a problem with them. Of course I'm not a heavy rider (139 lbs), but my Dad has put over 4,000 miles(with no problems) on his pair and his aroud 170 lbs. I think I remember reading something about the spokes being different tension on the drive side on purpose to extend spoke life. If the wheels are true I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure your girlfriend will enjoy them.
re: Bontrager Select wheels- opinions, care?closet roadie
Aug 5, 2003 3:38 PM
I was riding MTB exclusively and bought a Trek 2200 in February. I've put 2000 miles on my Selects since then with no issues whatsoever. I weigh 188, don't baby them and the first couple hundred miles were pretty rough, as I had to get used to NOT plowing through everything, like I do on the MTB. I have Bonti Race Discs on my Specialzed FSR and have had no problems with them as well....they've been bullet-proof.