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Deda SAT 14.5 vs. Reynolds 853?(3 posts)

Deda SAT 14.5 vs. Reynolds 853?geeker
Aug 1, 2003 5:38 PM
Currently have a cyclocross bike, '96-'98 vintage frame uses Reynolds 853 tubing, size 58cm c-to-c (top tube is dropped a bit, so it rides like a slightly larger frame). Ride is nice; stiff enough, but I wouldn't want anything flexier.

Thinking of getting a road frame, and the Pegoretti Palosanto looks attractive (in 60cm c-to-c). This frame uses Deda SAT 14.5 tubing, with pretty much the same diameters as the 853: 1-1/4" dt, 1-1/8" tt, 30mm st, takes the same diameter seatpost (27.2mm) as the 853 frame.

Don't know much about SAT 14.5 (quoted frame weight is very light), and no Pegoretti dealers around. Would it be safe to assume that the Palosanto frame would be roughly as laterally stiff as my 853 frame? Thanks.
re: Deda SAT 14.5 vs. Reynolds 853?iml
Aug 2, 2003 11:26 AM
it's a pegoretti - it will be very, very nice. you didn't say how much you weigh, and frame stiffness can be a pretty subjective call. even so, i'd have no worries about a pegoretti. dario is a true master and he'll have designed the frame to handle anything you can dish out.

the marcelo sure is nice ;)
re: Deda SAT 14.5 vs. Reynolds 853?geeker
Aug 2, 2003 12:08 PM
Thanks. I'm 6'2.5", weigh 185#, long legs/short torso, not a racer so won't be flexing frames in field sprints. I figure Pegoretti wouldn't build a noodle, but you never know.

The Marcelo *is* sweet, but I fear I'm on the heavy side for such an exotic tubeset. And I'd really kick myself in the rear if I dented one of those thin tubes! The GGM is claimed to be for big guys...