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Veloce Shifter-10 clicks(2 posts)

Veloce Shifter-10 clicksRower
Aug 1, 2003 1:14 PM
In 1998 I bought a Trek 5200 spec'd with Campy Veloce. It was the end of the season and the only bike available was out of a European warehouse. Ever since, I've had two nagging questions regarding the Veloce shifters. I worked at a bike shop at the time and no one in the store could answer my questions and no shop I've asked since has been able to either.

1. The front shifters were reversed. The left shifter went to the rear drl and the right shifter the front drl. Is this normal for European bikes?

2. The rear shifter very clearly has 9 clicks (1 too many clicks). For 9 speed there should only be 8 clicks since at the bottom of the spread you're already in a gear and don't have to "click" into it. It was always difficult to adjust because of the extra click. I believe 1998 was the year before Campy really came out with a 10 speed system, but it clearly wasn't so with the Veloce group. Does anyone have an idea how/why there would be 1 too many clicks in my shifter?

I still have the shifter and everyone time I check it to see if I'm crazy or show someone for varification, there is 1 too many clicks. It shifts fine otherwise.
?????????????the bull
Aug 1, 2003 6:10 PM