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Ciclosport HAC4 - POS? or I'm an idiot?(3 posts)

Ciclosport HAC4 - POS? or I'm an idiot?Louis_G
Jul 31, 2003 8:33 AM
So I bought this thing last Sunday. Got it set up on Sunday night (haven't done the cadence kit yet). Went for ride Monday after work with a friend. Seemed to work ok. Noted that it doesn't turn itself off, however could not find any help in the manual for how to turn it off.

Wed. morning, damn thing doesn't get any signal even with the transmitter basically touching the magnet. Did I kill the battery in 3 days?

Does anyone have any HAC4 tips like:

1. How do you turn it off?
2. How do you install the cadence kit. Their German->English instructions bite the big one.
3. Where's a good place to buy a battery?


re: Ciclosport HAC4 - POS? or I'm an idiot?torquecal
Jul 31, 2003 5:00 PM
1. You don't turn it off. It was designed to be used as a watch as well as a cycle computer. However, you do turn the 'daily' or memory mode on and off using the two left hand buttons (press both simultaneously for 3 seconds to toggle the memory mode). If it's recording 2 little pyramid icons flash in the lower left of the display.

2. The cadence kit installs much like any other, however the cord from it it goes into the cradle that comes with the cadence kit. This cradle is what I call the "cheesy" one where the plastic half moon covers the top of the handlebar and you use one of the oversized O rings underneath the bar to secure it - very cheesy indeed. I ended up using some wide zip ties to aid in securing it.

3. I kinda doubt you used up the battery that quickly. While the sensor does have to be close the alignment is also critical. There's a grooved line around the top of the sensor. The magnet needs to be both close and aligned with this line. This applies to both the wheel and cadence sensors.

Good luck. It's not the greatest setup in the world but I can attest it works well when finally set up. (I can also attest I'll buy a polar unit next time)
re: Ciclosport HAC4 - POS? or I'm an idiot?Louis_G
Aug 1, 2003 7:22 AM

I ended up taking the unit off the bar and sticking it right next to the transmitter and I got signal.

Weird that when I installed it I was getting signal in that location and after one ride no more signal. What a POS. Anyway I moved where I had installed it from down near the hub up to the rim so that the transmitter is as close as it can get to the unit. I'm 6'4" so even with the transmitter near the rim there's still about a foot between the unit and the transmitter. If it craps out again I'm sending it back to Ciclosport.