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Which road pedals ? (how about my mtb frogs)(8 posts)

Which road pedals ? (how about my mtb frogs)sam waltham
Jul 29, 2003 6:01 AM
Been mtn biking for years and love my speedplay frogs. Float is especially good to my knees. This is my first season on a road bike and I've been switching pedals back and forth until now.

Should I go with traditional road pedals or stick with what I know in my frogs? (If so I may get road shoes and a 2nd pair for pedals to match cleat wear to pedal wear and quit switching so often.) What benefits will road pedals bring over my frogs ? Platform size seems to be a big deal but the frog cleat isn't as small as SPDs for example.

Any feedback appreciated before I spend the cash.

I had the same choice a few years ago...Larry Klassen
Jul 29, 2003 7:28 AM
I had been a big fan of Frogs for many years, for the same reason - the float saves my knees. I find the frogs to have a little too much slop in them (up and down, side to side) - works fine on MTB for me, but would feel too inefficient for road for my tastes. I stuck with the Speedplay theme, however, and tried the Speedplay road pedals. I have never looked back. They tie me in to the bike amazingly, there is no movement at all other than completely free float. Best thing I ever did for road riding, for me anyway. I highly recommend them, from one Frog fan to another.
re: Which road pedals ? (how about my mtb frogs)PaulNYC
Jul 29, 2003 9:16 AM
I've got frogs, and Coombe Pros on my fix and road bike respectively. The frogs seem just fine.
re: Which road pedals ? (how about my mtb frogs)Overhill
Jul 29, 2003 9:26 AM
Have Frogs on my MTB, and on a road bike for last three years. Got a new road bike last winter, and knew I needed road pedals. Tried the Speedplay road pedals. They were OK, but I liked Frogs better, and now have them on all road bikes, and on a fixed gear. The older cleats did have more play than I like for road, but the new cleats seem much tighter. I'm happy with Frogs for the road.
Really? The new cleats are that big of an improvement?Larry Klassen
Jul 30, 2003 6:48 AM
Are the new frog cleats that improved, that there isn't any more slop? Do they still float as freely as the old ones? If so, I gotta get some!
Really? The new cleats are that big of an improvement?BrianU
Jul 30, 2003 5:01 PM
I have been using Frogs for 5 years and have them both on my mountain and roadbike. I just bought a set of the new style cleats and have about 200 road miles and a couple hours of mountainbiking on them. Although I was perfectly happy with the old style cleats for mountainbiking, like others have mentioned, the slop in them caused a noticeable clacking sound on my roadbike. Usually for any kind of out of the saddle effort and on long climbs when my cadence tends to slow down and not be as smooth as I would like.
The new cleats look stronger and definately should be less prone to breakage. They still float as freely, however for the first couple days it did take noticeably more effort to get the cleat to actually lock in. I do not know if they have a break-in period or if I have just have gotten used to them, but after the first couple days, I did not have this problem anymore. The upside to this snug fit is that I have yet to hear the annoying noise that I used to get from the old cleat. Personally, I think they are a big improvement over the old cleat and they fixed the weakest part of the Frog pedal system.

Frogs work for me......BrianU
Jul 29, 2003 7:28 PM
I tried Speedplay X-2s and Sidi Genius 3 shoes and end up going back to Frogs and my Diadora Chili Pros. I only noticed a couple advantages with using dedicated roadshoes and pedals over the Frogs. The shoes were lighter and there is no slop at all between the cleat and the pedal. With a wife that is trying to finish her degree and a 14 month old daughter, I do not have the time to train for racing. Most of my riding now consist of commuting to/from work and the occasional charity event ride of some sort. For this, using shoes that are easy to walk around in are worth the weight penalty. Like others have mentioned, the old style cleat did have alot of slop in them and the noise drove me nuts, but the new Frog II cleat seems to have taken care of this problem. I got a couple hundred miles on a new set and so far they have been snug and quite. Make sure you go with a shoe that has a good stiff sole and performance will not be an issue. Frogs are pretty light pedals and combined with a pair of good MTB shoes, are still lighter than some of the road pedal/shoe combinations that I see some people riding.

me toomarcoxxx
Jul 31, 2003 10:28 AM
trying to make my knees last on longer rides too I have switched to my frogs that I had on a cyclocross bike. Had been using some Looks that were hard to enter and dismount too.
just recently spotted "egg beaters" (crank bros) on a nice new caad7 that was real different and wondering what that was about...