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Broken Nipples(4 posts)

Broken NipplesHalfWheelin
Jul 28, 2003 8:49 PM
I was unable to ride my rb for about 6 months, so I hung the bike up and reduced the air pressure in my mavics.
Somehow, two nipples broke off the back wheel during this time. Anyone hear of this kind of thing happening?
Aluminum no doubtNessism
Jul 28, 2003 9:12 PM
Buddy of mine had a aluminum nipple pop while riding one day receintly. He was surprised since the wheel has been trouble free since new. Fixed the nipple only to have two others break in short order thereafter. It seems that once the nipples age and fatigue up to a point, they start to fail all at once.

Yet another reason to go brass.

I agree, stick with brass.....nmDave Hickey
Jul 29, 2003 6:08 AM
re: Broken Nipplestook
Jul 29, 2003 6:19 AM
in my experience, alloy nips tend to oxidize over time, eventually to the point that the become brittle and break, either under the pressure of a ride, or from twisting them in the truing stand. i gave up on them and use brass soley; not worth the weight savings.