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Used PowerTap - What To Look For(3 posts)

Used PowerTap - What To Look Forpalewin
Jul 28, 2003 10:51 AM
Have the opportunity to buy a used PowerTap set-up from another rider in my (large) club. Any pointers about things to look for/check out before making final decision? For example I know early models had seal problems in the wet, but don't know what year the redesign solved that problem. Basically I want to make the purchase, since it would be a great training tool, just wondered if there are any particular "buyer bewares." Thanks for your advice.
re: Used PowerTap - What To Look Forasgelle
Jul 28, 2003 1:52 PM
Check the wattage mailing list archives at This has been covered in depth. Essentially, if it works now, it most likely will keep working in the future. Also, Graber has a liberal upgrade policy so even if it isn't working, if the proce is right, it might make sense to buy the old unit, then use it to upgrade to the latest version.
They upgraded to make more waterproof last summerNASA Noddler
Jul 28, 2003 2:43 PM
I went to a PowerTap presentation last December. They showed a slide with a PowerTap unit with water spkinkler spaying on it. The presenter noted that the newer units manufactured since last summer (2002) were more water resistant.