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Should I buy new wheels or upgrade to 9spd? (long)(4 posts)

Should I buy new wheels or upgrade to 9spd? (long)theweasonator
Jul 28, 2003 9:02 AM
I have a budget of $300 and am contemplating either a new set of wheels (DA/MO Cirrus from Excel) or upgrading to 9spd (with DA shifters, RD, and Ultegra cassette and inner ring).

My ride is a '95 Cannondale R600 which I got down to 18.3 pounds with careful upgrades. I ride both road and mountain and do road for mileage/stamina and when the trails are wet. II usually ride 4 times a week and might do two on road and two on my FS on trails. I think I've only put about a thousand or 1500 miles on the bike a year, so I plan on riding it another 5 years or so.

I'm still riding the stock wheels which are RX100 hubs with Mavic 195 rims that weigh 809 F and 1025 R w/out skewers and with rim tape. So they aren't super light but aren't too bad either.

The drivetrain is pretty much stock. I did upgrade the crank in '96 to a 96 DA crank with a World Class Ti bracket and a new Ultegra 8 spd cassette a couple of years ago. The rest of the drivetrain is pretty much stock, RX100 shifters and FD and 105 RD.

If I do the wheels, I figure I will shave a 100 grams per wheel and about 170 gms from the 9spd upgrade. I really don't care that much about shaving the weight, I could probably get better performance by losing 5 myself.

I am curious as to which of these upgrades you guys think I will enjoy more and be more practical. Thanks.
re: Should I buy new wheels or upgrade to 9spd? (long)Chen2
Jul 28, 2003 2:08 PM
Ask yourself how much you want to spend on that frame. I'm not knocking it, but maybe the money could be put to better use. If you are set on more upgrades you could start looking around for good deals on the D-A shifters, with the D-A 10 speeds coming out soon there should be some good deals on lightly used or even new D-A shifters & cassettes. But I still say, save your money.
Buy new wheels for your next bikeKerry Irons
Jul 28, 2003 4:29 PM
You need to decide what wheels you want for your next bike, and buy those. Upgrading this bike is not a good investment, but wheels that you can move to the next bike are not a bad idea. However, realize that the next bike might well come with wheels, in which case you really should save your money (as you should have done all along) toward the new bike. Upgrading an RX100 bike should only be done as things break or don't fit, otherwise you're putting race grade equipment on a Chevy Cavalier.
Thanks for the advice....theweasonator
Jul 29, 2003 5:26 PM
I'm going for the new wheels and will ride this frame for at least 2 more years. I gotta buy my wife a road bike next year and then hopefully I can get a good deal at the end of the summer in 2005 on a carbon frame....

Then again, maybe I'll win Lance's bike...fat chance...