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110 BCD cranks going to be the new fad?(12 posts)

110 BCD cranks going to be the new fad?LC
Jul 27, 2003 8:56 PM
Now that we find out Tyler used a 52/36 on a mountain stage, will that open the door for a bunch of riders that are wishing for a lower gear without going to a triple?

I actually use the same gearing on one of my bikes for that little extra for steep hills. You can even get a 34 to work on 110 BCD ;)
Jul 28, 2003 4:44 AM
A good idea for people who don't race.MR_GRUMPY
Jul 28, 2003 7:26 AM
Just think..... A 50 X 36 with a 12 X 25 cassette, or even a 12 X 27. A lot of people wouldn't need triples.
Great for sub-average riders like me--had one for yearsSilverback
Jul 28, 2003 7:57 AM
Even in my prime, which was years ago, I never used my 53-12. Rivendell sells a decent, cheap Sugino 110 crankset that comes with something like a 46/34. It's two teeth off the setup I've been using for years, and I'd never go back. I'd bet fewer than half of all cyclists, and almost no casual ones, ever use anything higher than about an 80- or 90-inch gear.
Even if you race it could be handyLC
Jul 28, 2003 8:53 AM
Like where a lot the Cat 4/5 field had to walk in one race...myself included :(
Maybe one better?.STI
Jul 29, 2003 7:10 AM
I have been thinking of 36/50 chainring with the Campy 13/29 cluster. I have an email in to FSA for their opinion as to
whether or not it will work.
Keep the rubber side down.
Maybe one better?.STI
Jul 29, 2003 7:38 AM
I have been thinking of 36/50 chainring with the Campy 13/29 cluster. I have an email in to FSA for their opinion as to
whether or not it will work.
Keep the rubber side down.
re: 110 BCD cranks going to be the new fad?xcandrew
Jul 29, 2003 3:46 AM
I don't think I would call it a fad if it happened. I have a 52/42 on my bike because it's old and has a 144 bcd. 42T is the typical smallest chainring for this BCD, but it fits 41T with some possible filing needed. Now most cranks have bcd of 135 (39T min.) or 130 (39T typical min., 38T fits with some filing possibly needed). Notice that the chainrings most commonly used as the small ring on all these BCD's are pretty much at the minimal size that can fit. Even the top racers typically use these sizes. That kind of indicates to me that 130/135 is probably not optimal for road double cranks, especially for those who ride lots of hills. It should be advantagous to have at least a couple tooth range on either side (the low side is the limiting factor) of what is most commonly used, so I don't know why 110 bcd is not as common anymore. It probably used to be a "fred" factor, with the 110(/74)'s left to the tourists and mountain bikers, but that's a lame reason. I do prefer doubles with more or less a wide range like 52/36 or 48/36. Heck, I think I would like a 2X9 Ritchey style setup on my mountain bike even (like Thomas Frishknecht's 42/29, on a smaller BCD of course), though I haven't tried it yet.
re: 110 BCD cranks going to be the new fad?battaglin
Jul 29, 2003 4:10 AM
I got myself a stronglight granfondo with 50/36 rings matched to 11/28 cassette. It's on my wilier steel bike for training. With this setup I can spin smiling on extended climbs while my friends are grunting on their 39/23's, and we're both at the same speed. They all changed to 28's big cog having seen it's more important to be able to turn the cranks. Problem is I think i want to change all my bikes to 50/36 cranks.
how's the front shifting? nmDougSloan
Jul 29, 2003 7:18 AM
Jul 29, 2003 10:27 PM
as long as you keep the same tooth difference recommended for your existing front der. 14t for the D/A and I believe 10 for ultegra and 105. I doubt if tyler got the same shifting performance as his old 53/39 combo.His claimed 52/36 would probably create some shifting problems. Peter white has some topics on w/c frnt der works best on what chainring combination.
great!!The Flash
Jul 30, 2003 1:16 PM
When can I find Peter White's articles on the subject. This has got me thinking...I've got some awesome MTB cranks that would be great for my road bike something like a 46/34/24. What kind of derailleur would I need with something like this? Can I use a standard road derailleur or would I need something different. I don't even really need the triple option so I could run it at 46/34. Would this work with my Ultegra double front derailleur?