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Campagnolo Chorus vs Shimano Ultegra?(18 posts)

Campagnolo Chorus vs Shimano Ultegra?McBaine
Jul 27, 2003 6:34 AM
I've had great experience with the Shimano XT groupo on my mountain bike. Now that I road ride I'm investigating Campagnolo Chorus for a future road bike purchase. The local shop told me that its easier if one goes with Shimano because you need special tools to work on Campagnolo and its a pain. They indicated that folks in the U.S. only go with Campagnolo to be unique. Any thoughts?
re: Campagnolo Chorus vs Shimano Ultegra?Rusty Coggs
Jul 27, 2003 6:57 AM
LSB BS. It takes special tools for shimano too,unless you are a Bubba that thinks a monkey wrench and 5 pound hammer works on everything. Besides there is more about Campy that can be reparied. If money wasn't a part of it,Chorus vs ultegra would be a no brainer for chorus...IMO.
re. Also....Rusty Coggs
Jul 27, 2003 7:20 AM
don't take my response as being from a die hard Campy only fan. I have lots of Shimano and Campy.
re: Campagnolo Chorus vs Shimano Ultegra?al0
Jul 28, 2003 12:22 AM
He has Schmano XT already, so likely he has all needed tools. For Campy he need another set, so LBS is perfectly right.
Uhhh, what tools? A 5mm key works on both, IMEXP. nmSpunout
Jul 28, 2003 4:36 AM
re: Campagnolo Chorus vs Shimano Ultegra?Rusty Coggs
Jul 28, 2003 5:21 AM
You must be LBS guy?
re: Campagnolo Chorus vs Shimano Ultegra?russw19
Jul 28, 2003 7:12 AM
I'm an LBS guy... all he needs is the cassette/bottom bracket tool. And if your LBS is VERY careful, they can get your bottom bracket in using an ISIS BB tool. The splines for that are narrower and deeper than the Shimano tool.. they almost fit the Campy BB, but with a whole lot of care, you could use it in a pinch. But as long as you don't have to use the Campy chain pin, you don't need the chain tool. That leaves the Cassette/BB tool... it's a $4 tool for your shop, or you can pick it up yourself for you personal toolbox for less than $10. Take it to the shop when you take your bike in just in case, and you will be fine. Connect your chain with a Connex, IRD, or KMC link (they are all about the same thing) and you will be good to go.

As for the original question of Campy vs. Shimano.. I won't try to argue that point.. it's more a personal decision that the orig. poster needs to make. Test ride both and pick the one you like better. But the tools being a factor is not really a good arguement. My shop that I work at is a mountain bike shop... not a lot of road bikes there except my own... I have had to buy more tools for my Dura-Ace bike than my Record bike. With Dura-Ace I still needed a new BB tool and the BB lockring tool because the one we had was for older XTR and it's not the same...

But if your shop isn't willing to buy a simple Park BB/Cassette tool to service your likely 2 Grand bike, take your money elsewhere. They can get all the tech manuals for Campy parts like the shifter rebuild manuals from Quality for free, or for $10 Campy will send them a tech CD that shows the specs and rebuild info for the last 5 years worth of parts.

re: Campagnolo Chorus vs Shimano Ultegra?Crash
Jul 27, 2003 7:08 AM
IMO you should go to another LBS. I live in SoCal and there a lot of LBS that mainly deal in mountain bikes, they always recommend Shimano just because it's easier for them. I've had both and they really don't compare unless you can't get comfortable with the Campy ergo levers.
re: Campagnolo Chorus vs Shimano Ultegra?Steve Bailey
Jul 27, 2003 7:19 AM
Ditto the comments about the LBS not having a clue..... Everything on a bike seemingly requires special tools. Perhaps they're comments refer to the fact that they only own Shimano tools and not tools specific to servicing Campy, thus (in their closed minds) Shimano's better.

In my mind the brakes and hubs are comparable, so am commenting on the shifting systems.

I use Centaur and Ultegra and am happy with both, though I find the Campy front Ergo a better design then STI due to the better trim capability, especially on a triple.

The R systems are comparable, but the overriding question is which wheels are you going to use. Shimano offers a much greater selection of cassettes (an advantge in getting the gearing you want) and you see many more wheelsets available using Shimano hubs as compared to Campy. This may not be an issue if you're getting a complete bike, but if you are building up from parts, or already have wheels, then Shimano can be the cheaper option.

re: Campagnolo Chorus vs Shimano Ultegra?LC
Jul 27, 2003 8:28 AM
They both work fine, but if tools or finding someone with Campy tools to work on the bike is a problem for you then Shimano is the way to go. One thing that is not the same between them is the price, so to be fair you can actually sprinkle some Dura Ace parts in there too ;)
re: toolsRusty Coggs
Jul 27, 2003 9:08 AM
I had everything it took to work on shimano equipment. Campy cartridge BB require a different tool that also doubles as a cassette lockring removal tool. That is is pretty small potatoes,IMO.
Ultegra group with Dura ace shifters = happy camper IMOnoupi
Jul 27, 2003 9:21 AM
I have this set up on my Calfee Luna pro
the DA shifters work great, click,click,click
and the Ultegra components work fine if a little heavier.....
You should try both campy & shimano
You cant beat Veloce group for $336 @ Totalcycling! nmthe bull
Jul 27, 2003 10:47 AM
re: Campagnolo Chorus vs Shimano Ultegra?weiwentg
Jul 27, 2003 10:51 AM
they probably don't have Campy tools ... find an LBS that does or get the tools yourself.
I would personally pick Chorus over Ultegra in an eyeblink. Chorus vs DA is a toss up (except that all my wheels are now Campy). I'm not sure which is more expensive now, but Chorus is only a little bit heavier than DA. the chain will be less durable, the cassettes are *$@(ing expensive, the shifters are far more durable, the brakes are probably more powerful, the cranks/BB are definitely heavier (but you have to work on the DA BB a lot more, or else it dies).
people don't JUST get Campy to be different, but that is a big part of it :)
re: Campagnolo Chorus vs Shimano Ultegra?McBaine
Jul 27, 2003 3:02 PM
I'll want the options of a triple. I'll probably want as wide a selection of gears I can get with as little difference between each that I can get. Light weight would really be nice. Sounds like I need to do some test rides. I do have some other shops I can check out.
Change shops... nmLeroy
Jul 27, 2003 4:15 PM
A couple of other considerations....DaveLobster
Jul 28, 2003 5:09 AM
Without getting into intangibles like heritage and snob appeal, from a purely practical point of view Campy is more expensive in the "consumables" department. Chains and cassettes for Campy 10sp are much, much more expensive and harder to find (at a local shop) than Shimano.

Also, Ultegra should be significantly cheaper than Chorus. If your shop is saying they are the same price, either you're getting a great deal on Chorus or a crappy deal on Ultegra.
agree -- cost is the real issuetarwheel
Jul 28, 2003 9:53 AM
I have Ultegra on one bike and Campy Chorus on the other. I end up riding my Ultegra bike most of the time now because the Campy stuff is so expensive to maintain. I ride about 7000 miles/year or 500-600 miles/month. At that mileage, I wear out several chains and cassettes a year. The Campy prices eat you alive if you have a limit cycling budget, like most of us. The Chorus steel cassette costs $80 at the cheap places, and the chain is over $30. Compare that to $35 for an Ultegra cassette and $15-20 for a chain. Bottom line: I ride my Chorus bike about 1 day a week, my Ultegra bike 4-5 days.

Functionally, both groups are pretty comparable in my book. I like the Campyshifting a little better, but not enough to justify the cost. Campy 10-speed is also more temperamental with regard to adjustments -- everything has to be just right (eg, cable tension, chain and casette wear) for it to shift well.