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Giant TCR Comp w/Campag with which Wheelset?(1 post)

Giant TCR Comp w/Campag with which Wheelset?Kiwi Rider
Jul 26, 2003 8:39 PM
Hi, I'm a young rider who maybe getting a new bike in the 1st couple of months of next year hopefully...
I have decided that I want the Giant TCR Composite ONCE frame set, but with Campag Centaur instead of Record because of price, and don't suggest Chorus as its just gonna go too high cost-wise. However, my only indecision on this set up is whether I should stick to the Neutrons, or go with Proton wheelset and either Scirocco or Zonda wheelset. I hope to keep the costs down, but I realise that it would be great to have a second wheelset with tougher tires than what I have on now. These are Michelin Pro Race, but having experienced Hutchinson Carbon Comps, I suspect that they should be used only on roads free of glass which is rarely the case. I live in New Zealand so prices are not gonna work, especially since my LBS imports direct from Italy (currently I have Centaur pedals on order - but the Italians are having a holiday, so due in 2 months time) and this means that prices are about double the Euro, however if they could import from the US it would be slightly cheeper, but I'm blabbing...
I currently ride a 2001 year Giant TCR 2, fully stock but the pedals, which are some sort of Looks. I will probably have to sell this bike to be able to help pay for the new bike, and use my sister's old bike for windtraining. Her bike is a Giant Peloton with Shimano 105 (8 speed). I personally like the Giants and wouldn't go for another manufacturer, and I proudly supported ONCE untill poor Beloki crashed. My TCR rides well and I have no major problems about it. I do want to try Campag, simply because my gears aren't brilliant at changing, espicially into easier gears, as often the chain gets inbetween two sporckets (ie not quite on the sprocket, so it makes a horrible noise) but all that's needed is to just click the lever so its as if changing in to a harder gear.
Enough from me anyway.
I hope for some riders out there who have experienced the Campag wheels to give me some advise.
Thanks in advance
A New Zealander (next to Australia - You know, where Brad McGee, Stuart O'Grady etc come from).