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Which is more aero...Nimble Crosswind or 58 mm deep carbons?(2 posts)

Which is more aero...Nimble Crosswind or 58 mm deep carbons?Swat Dawg
Jul 24, 2003 8:18 PM
I am looking at getting a just a front wheel that would be used for crits and road races. I would get the set but that's too expensive at one time. I know the nimble's are about 200 grams heavier than like AM Classics, but are they more aerodynamic? Also, which would be more adversely affected by crosswinds? I have been giving this some thought for a few days, but can't come to any conclusions, so I turn to where I get the most diverse range of good, bad, and goofy answers. Thanks
re: Which is more aero...Nimble Crosswind or 58 mm deep carbons?JimP
Jul 26, 2003 12:28 PM
Tough question! I have heard several conflicting opinions and no definitive tests. The 58mm deep carbon is certainly a lot deeper than the Nimble Crosswind 39mm but that isn't the only thing thing to look at. The deep carbon rim requires multiple spokes that radiate out to the edges of the hub which can create drag. The Nimble's 3 carbon fibre spokes are only 18mm wide, the same width as the rim, so there should be a lot less drag when going directly into the wind. Another difference is the weight of the rim. The 58mm weighs 360 gm where the Nimble weighs 310 gm. even though the overall weight of the 58mm wheel may weigh less. That is 50 grams out where it makes the most difference.

I used to ride a 24 spoke Sun Mistral M14 rim at 295 gm with DT bladed spokes that created about the same crosswind feel as the Nimble but had a lot more drag. I have ridden on my Nimble Crosswinds for almost 5 years now and have been very satisfied with them. They have been very stiff and true.