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Looking to sell a 96' Ciocc, but need some help...(4 posts)

Looking to sell a 96' Ciocc, but need some help...Rob in NH
Jul 24, 2003 8:16 AM
Hey all, I have a Ciocc with full 8-speed Record in pretty good shape that I'm looking to sell and replace with a Giant TCR that I saw at my LBS. Just wondering if maybe someone knew what I may be able to get for my current ride, as I don't really want to ask for too much and be all insulting.

I'll give a quick rundown of components...
-96' Ciocc EL-OS red w/ a few nicks and scrapes... steel frame.
-Campy 8-speed all around except for a Chorus 9-spped rear derailleur (couldnt find another Record-8)
-Topline crankset
-Open Pros w/ Campy Record hubs
-3T bars & quill stem 1" steerer
-American Classic post, Flite saddle

In the shop now getting a full tune up, retaping and truing. Any opinions???

Thanks in advance... I got bit by the new bike bug pretty hard!

Carbon fork, 10speed upgrade, you won't miss Giant IMHO nmSpunout
Jul 24, 2003 10:45 AM
Forget the cf fork...Andy M-S
Jul 24, 2003 11:30 AM
But upgrade to 10s Chorus or record, maybe lose those cranks--it's a classic, it looks great, it probably fits you better than anything...

KEEP IT! Or, you could always give it to me :-)
I'd keep her.sn69
Jul 25, 2003 7:16 AM
Within a year, your new bike infatuation will end with whatever you decide to buy, and you'll discover a whole new appreciate for her as a bike you'll savor for lazy Sunday afternoon rides.

I would, however, suggest that you might consider a new bike in a different material/geometry so that you have a stable of entirely different steeds.

Still, the only change I'd make would be to try to find some Campy 9spd downtube shifters (try

Good luck,