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Hed or Profile Carbon X (carbon aero bars)(3 posts)

Hed or Profile Carbon X (carbon aero bars)TheJoker
Jul 18, 2003 6:40 AM
Does anyone have experience of both of these? And which do you prefer? The Hed has built in brakes, but the wide handles look uncomfortable...

Profile Carbon X:

Hed Aerobar:
re: Hed or Profile Carbon X (carbon aero bars)rogue_CT1
Jul 18, 2003 4:02 PM
I have the Profiles and I really like them. For me they are plenty stiff and they have alot of adjustment for the arm rests. They have internal cable routing for the brakes and they are reasonably lite for integrated aero bars with a stem. I like the way the "bullhorn" section is relatively flat as compared to some that are angled down. This gives a more comfortable position when not in the drops. As for the brakes, you can get a set of Dia Comp 188's for about $20 and they install in the bar ends and the cables are fully integrated so the Hed brakes really wasn't even a factor to me. Plus, they look really cool.

The only real down side I can see to the Carbon X bars are the fact that the stem is attached and you have to be absolutely certain of the proper size before you buy. Also, they only come in 2 stem lengths which makes fit a little more difficult compared to the Hed which uses a separate stem. By the way, you may have read the reviews on this site saying that the brake cables were hard to route in the Carbon X. I found them to be really easy. It only took me about a minute to route each cable housing. Just install the housing in the reverse direction and it is really easy.

At $500 or so the Heds were way too expensive for me to even consider.
re: Hed or Profile Carbon X (carbon aero bars)Carbon fiber fanatik
Jul 18, 2003 4:52 PM
yup.. proud owner of a pair of carbon-x bars. Extremely comfy, well made and just work great. Plus.. so you don't get nagged when riding in a group.. the bars are easily adaptable for standard STI units.