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FSA Team Issue v. Regular Carbon Pro crankset(3 posts)

FSA Team Issue v. Regular Carbon Pro cranksetDaveLobster
Jul 17, 2003 11:26 AM
Since carbon cranks appear to be a popular topic this week, I have a question regarding the difference between the two levels of FSA carbon cranksets.

There is the Carbon Pro, which has carbon arms and an aluminum spider; and the newer Carbon Pro Team Issue, which has a combined arm/spider in carbon. The Team issue is about $65 more than the Carbon Pro. says:
"The only downside to the Team Issue Crank is that it comes in slightly overweight compared with the Carbon Pro by 15-20 grams. For those concerned entirely with weight this will be a problem, but I'd trade the weight for the increased stiffness."

I am really curious to know if this is correct- is the cheaper aluminum-spider Pro is actually lighter than the Team issue? The FSA website says exactly the opposite - the Team Issue is claimed to be lighter.

I have come to distrust advertised weights. Anyone put these things on a scale? Thanks-Dave
I haven't weighted them myself...pedalpete
Jul 18, 2003 8:21 AM
I was doing the same research, and found many sites that listed the team as being heavier than the pro.

Another benefit of the Team is that in the future you can swap out to a different spider if you are so inclined (I've heard rumours that Campy will be going to a smaller bolt circle to allow 36t inner rings).

You gotta take into account the flex of the rings and bb too, after giving it a bunch of thought, I'm going for the lighter cheaper Pro.
get the FSA Superlight insteadterzo rene
Jul 22, 2003 10:19 AM
Just got some and they weigh 530g for 175mm, 53/39 rings, ISIS with all mounting bolts and hardware. The 10 speed version has 130 BCD now so works with Shimano compatible rings.