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Confused about FSA carbon pro team crank installation(1 post)

Confused about FSA carbon pro team crank installationjzinckgra
Jul 17, 2003 6:43 AM
Ok, so I've got a new pair of FSA carbon cranks along with a fsa platinum pro Ti (ISIS) BB. The cranks came with self extracting alloy bolts while the BB came with regular M14 alloy bolts. I guess the BB was supossed to come with Cr-Mo bolts as well to seat the crank arms onto the spindle, but I never received them. I'll have to buy some. So here's the confusion. Which cranl bolts should I use, once I seat the crank arms with the Cr-Mo bolts? The alloy BB bolts or the self extracting bolts? FSA website says not to use self-extracting bolts on an ISIS spindle, yet they provide them with their own cranks. And why would the self extracotors be bad to use anyways? I'm leaning towards using the BB alloy bolts. Thanks for any info.