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Spline CranksetBB installation...(8 posts)

Spline CranksetBB installation...Dave Hickey
Jul 17, 2003 3:54 AM
I've finally decided to step into the 21 century and upgrade one of my bikes to spline crankset and BB. My new Weyless carbon cranks and a Ultegra BB should arrive today and I want to be ready. I know your supposed to grease the splines but I have a couple of questions.

Is the Shimano BB tool the same for tapered and spline BB'S?

Any tricks to installing the self extracting crankbolts?

Any other tips?
Nope, not the same.Farmer John
Jul 17, 2003 4:01 AM
Whe you pick up your new BB, grab a new BB tool at the same time. I don't recomend the Shimano piece, as it only will fit Shimano BBs. the park tool will fit Shimano and ISIS standards, plus tapers.

You'll also need a Park CCP-4 crank puller. It's different too.
Thanks. With self extracting bolts, is the puller needed? nmDave Hickey
Jul 17, 2003 4:05 AM
Thanks. With self extracting bolts, is the puller needed? nmRusty Coggs
Jul 17, 2003 4:55 AM
The self extractors work for me.....When installing the cranks, remove the extractors and bolts,so you can see that the splines line up correctly. Crank arms get hosed by trying to tighten them up when not properly aligned.
thanks...nmDave Hickey
Jul 17, 2003 6:02 AM
Hey Rusty, Thanks for the tip.....Dave Hickey
Jul 18, 2003 4:21 AM
Installation went much easier with the bolts removed. The whole process took about 20 minutes. The cranks are beautiful. After a quick adjustment of the front der., I went for a 25 mile spin. I really can't notice a big differnce between the carbon and Dura Ace cranks but they look great. The Q factor is a little bigger but it seems more comfortable for me.
Are the Wayless cranks the same as the FSA's ?MR_GRUMPY
Jul 17, 2003 8:55 AM
The might be made by the same people in Taiwan. I didn't know that those cranks came with a self extractor. I thought that you needed the new Park tool.
Your old Park tapered BB tool might work, but you might have to get the "new" one that looks almost the same. The "new" one works on tapered and splined. The old one doesn't work too good on the fixed cup.
Are the Wayless cranks the same as the FSA's ?Dave Hickey
Jul 17, 2003 9:44 AM
I think they're from the same plant but there is slight differences in shape. I'll post a complete report after this weekend.

From what I've read about the BB tool, The old Parks(prior 2001) don't work because the inside diameter of the tool is too small to fit over the pipe spindle. Park changed the tool in 2001 but didn't change the model number. I'm pickng up a new one on my way home tonight.