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Chorus rear derailleur on a triple ?(9 posts)

Chorus rear derailleur on a triple ?Leroy
Jul 14, 2003 10:57 AM
Will a chorus medium cage rear derailleur work on a 13-23 and 52-42-30 triple? The chain wrap is enough (36 for med cage - 32 needed). I assume that means the chorus der. will take up the slack as needed, right? Please advise...
that's what they're for....C-40
Jul 14, 2003 1:42 PM
Longer cages RDs have more capacity to handle a triple or up to a 29T cog.

Using a 13-23 (9 speed?) may not be the best choice. A 13-29 10 speed would produce a nearly identical low gear.
that's what they're for....Leroy
Jul 14, 2003 1:49 PM
Actually a 13-26 comes within 4 or 5 gear inches; that's what I have on another bike [9 speed double]. I want to use a mid-cage chorus on this triple, to replace a long cage Racing T. When I upgrade the double to 10 speed I may move the 13-26 over to the 9 speed triple and I think the chorus should handle that size too. I think that's the largest cog it will handle. I just think it'll look and perform better. Just wanted to make sure, that's all! Thanks.
compatibility problem...C-40
Jul 14, 2003 2:26 PM
According to the campy website, the chorus (and centaur) triple is only made in a 10 speed version. The only RD that will work with a 9 speed drivetrain with sufficient capacity is the Veloce.

From their Q&A area:

Does the 10s rear derailleur work in the 9s drivetrain?

No, it does not because of the slightly different geometry of the parallelogram.

You must also have 2000 or newer ergo levers for the newer 9-speed derailleurs. Older levers can be rebuilt with a new rachet on the RH side to work properly with the new derailleurs.

When in doubt, go to The answers are almost always there.
compatibility problem...Rusty Coggs
Jul 14, 2003 5:12 PM
That's the official Campy line,but there are people in the business of selling,setting up and keeping campy buyers happy,the say it all isn't so.
When in doubt, I call Branford Bike.dzrider
Jul 15, 2003 12:47 PM
They haven't misled me over many years of picky little questions.
branford web site...C-40
Jul 15, 2003 1:06 PM

The scoop is all hear.
I'm going to try swapping out the pulley wheelsLeroy
Jul 15, 2003 7:47 PM
and see what happens.
re: Chorus rear derailleur on a triple ?Rob Sal
Jul 16, 2003 9:22 AM
Yes it will work. The medium cage will cope with up to the 13-26 cassette using 53-42-30 cranks. A long cage is needed for the 13-29 cassette.

I'm currently using a 9 speed Record short cage with a 9 speed 13-23 with a Record '10 speed' 53-42-30 chainset with no real problems (except only using 5 largest sprockets with the smallest ring) whilst the medium cage parts arrive from the Campag distributor.

Last year, the Campag website said the 2001+ 10 speed mechs are the same as 9 except for the jockey wheels and the bolts holding them (and the decals of course) and were therefore interchangeable.