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Am. Classic Ultralight rear hub is starting to GROWL!!(2 posts)

Am. Classic Ultralight rear hub is starting to GROWL!!bicycle268
Jul 13, 2003 6:26 PM
I have about 1000 miles on an American Classic Ultralight rear hub (Shimano) and the ratcheting sound has become inconsistant and sometimes really loud. I've experienced no problems with the pawls engaging, it's just that the pawls ratcheting sound really growls sometimes.

Any answers?
Thanks in advance
Sounds like it's time to regrease it.jw25
Jul 14, 2003 11:17 AM
The nice thing about these hubs is the ease of cleaning and regreasing the pawls. should have good instructions, and an easy way to buy the recommended grease. See, you want something light and non-sticky, so the pawls don't get stuck open and transfer more stress to the functioning pawls.
Most grease is sticky, since you want it to stay in place and protect bearings. If you don't want to buy the AC stuff, EKO Slick Honey is fairly close in consistency, and fairly easy to find.
With these hubs, and any ultralight components, regular maintenance is key to keeping them working right. With "normal" stuff, things tend to be overbuilt, but the light stuff is closer to the margin. They're nice, light hubs, though.