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Shimano 540 Wheels Flexy?(3 posts)

Shimano 540 Wheels Flexy?Fump
Jul 10, 2003 5:48 PM
Hey all, I've been riding a set of 540s for about 300 miles now and have had no issues with them. On Tuesday a few miles into a ride it started raining and then I really started to notice when I came out of the saddle, any horizontal movement at all while pedaling cause the rims to rub the brake shoes.

Anyone else notice this problem with them.

Also, coming from a mountain bike, I'm not too up on the stiffness of road wheels, can someone recommend a wheel that has maybe a bit more stiffness?

I'm about 170lbs, thanks for any help!
My 535's seem O.K.Steve Young
Jul 11, 2003 3:09 PM
I've got about 300 miles on 535's and haven't experienced any similar problems (I'm about 145lbs). However I suspect it might be something to do with riding style. I don't typically rock that much (in fact I tend to try and stay seated and spin as far as possible).

I'm a relative newbie to roadriding - however, even when I get out of the seat and hammer I haven't noticed any problems with my brakes rubbing the rims. The only think I have not got right yet is that when I really go for it the back wheel skips a little bit (hard acceleration, leaning forward, probably pulling up on the pedals a bit) but even under these conditions I haven't had any problems with the 535's. I'm quite pleasantly surprised by them - it's the first time I ridden anything but 3x 36 spoke wheels and was expecting weakness and flexing from the 535's that I haven't seen.

re: Shimano 540 Wheels Flexy?specializedfan
Jul 12, 2003 1:11 AM
Never noticed a lot of flex,however I did have the rear on a set come apart while riding about two weeks ago.Two of the spokes pulled the nipples out of the hubs.Called Shima-NO to check on the warrenty, they said since I can't find my receipt they would not replace,even though the wheels were only 7 months old. Since I had bought new Campy drivetrain parts and were going to have them put on I just got a set of Campy wheels also. I don't believe I will ever own anything else that says SHIMA-NO on it again! the worst part about it was the customer service dude was really rude about the whole deal.