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Campagnolo 10 Ultra(2 posts)

Campagnolo 10 Ultramfuchs1
Jul 9, 2003 4:17 AM
Looking at the Campyonly website I saw the 2004 Campagnolo lineup. The Record group says it will have better, quiter shifting with its "Ultra 10" shifting. I know that it is early but I have to wonder if this will be compatible with standard 10 speed of the other groups(Record levers with centaur rd or vice versa). Anybody have any more info?

Prices for Chorus are probably going through the roof also since it is this years record.

re: Campagnolo 10 UltraRob Sal
Jul 10, 2003 1:04 AM
I've no additional info, but reading between the lines I would say that its just the Ergos have got a lighter shifting action, no mention is made of the rear mech having shifting improvements or enhanced geometry. So I am sure the new levers are still compatble throughout the 10 range but perhaps you will again have to be specific about the age of your Record levers when ordering ratchet/springs spares in future.