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Update on campy triple setup.(4 posts)

Update on campy triple setup.PeterRider
Jul 7, 2003 4:57 PM
I've changed the setup of my bike friday from double chorus to:
- chorus triple bb
- centaur triple crankset
- record triple front der.
Didn't know when I ordered that there was this question of symmetrical vs. asymmetrical bb. And my opinion is also that the chorus triple bb is designed for record cranks.

But ! I've been riding the bike for a few days, and it works perfectly, the front shifting is fine, and installing/tuning was easy-cheesy.

re: Update on campy triple setup.Rob Sal
Jul 8, 2003 2:26 AM
I presume your crank/chainstay clearances are rather closer than they are supposed to be!!!
Your cranks are off...C-40
Jul 8, 2003 6:20 AM
You goofed. The chorus and record triple BBs are made for for a 102mm spindle on the left side (just like a double).

Using the chorus BB with a centaur crank should place the left crankarm 4.5mm closer to the frame than intended.

The chainline on the right side may also be off by several millimeters.

Perhaps you should read the instructions that came with the crank and measure the dimensions shown.

Always pays to read the compatibility info. on the campy website before buying parts that are not intended to work together.
If it works OK, don't sweat it ! nmLeroy
Jul 8, 2003 6:26 AM