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trying to find a good pair of pedals for first road bike(5 posts)

trying to find a good pair of pedals for first road bikecollegiateryder
Jul 5, 2003 4:07 PM
well, i decided on the Allez Comp, got a great deal on it, about 300 below msrp but i still need to find a good set of pedals to race on. there were some suggestions from the shop but id also like some opinons from here.

im looking at speedplay frogs at around $130, Look PP247 at about $110, or ultegra pedals at around 110 as well to match the full ultegra groupset.

this is my first roadbike so i dont know how much different these are from mountain bike clipless pedals (i run shimano 515s on my xc bike) so the above choices are based on a budget (about $130).

any and all suggestions appreciated.
Frogs?!?!?!the bull
Jul 5, 2003 4:37 PM
Those are mtb pedals. Get the X3's for 100 bucks if your going to get Speedplays.
If I were you I would get the SPD-SL Ultgra pedal!
I am riding the Dura-ace ones and love them!
re: trying to find a good pair of pedals for first road biketrek60
Jul 6, 2003 4:49 AM
I have a brand new pair of Shimano Ultegra SPDR in the box. Never used, never mounted. 69.00 plus shipping. email to if interested. Anthony
re: trying to find a good pair of pedals for first road bikeBrianU
Jul 6, 2003 8:48 PM
I have a set of Speedplay X-2's with about 400 miles on them that I'm looking to sell if your interested and I also have a pair of Sidi Genius 3s in 43.5 that, with the X-2s, I would be willng to sell for what your looking to spend. I initially bought them to go with a new Lemond, but the Sidis hurt my feet. I started using the Speedplay Frogs and Diadora shoes from my mountainbike until I found something else. I discovered that I actually like the Frogs on my roadbike, so now I do not need the X-2s or the Sidis.

As for your listed choice, you have listed 3 distinct types of pedals. The Frogs would allow you to use a recessed cleat shoe. This is really nice if you are going to spend any amount of time walking in the shoes that you use for riding. If you are going to mainly do rides for fun, such as MS150's or tours, I recommend these. If you plan to race, I would lean toward something more road specific. I do not have enough experience with the other two pedals you listed, to give you any useful advise.

I LOVE the Frogs on my road bikewolfereeno
Jul 7, 2003 10:28 AM
I've been riding with speedplay x3's for a while and really like them. They totally elminated some knee problems I was starting to get from Ritchey SPD type pedals. But I got tired of nearly wiping out on the marble stairs in my building when carrying my bike. I wanted something I could walk in and the X2's (even with the rubber cover) are not it. So I tried the Frogs and have been loving them. I may never put the X3's back on even for the longest rides. The frogs do it for me. Very easy in and out. No worries when trying track stands or sudden stops. They're very easy to get out of. I've done some 5+ hour rides with no hot spots at all.

I think I'm going to buy a second pair for my mountain bike so I don't have to switch them back and forth. (on my mountain bike they're relacing shimano 545's).

On the mountain bike, I've been able to clear things clipped that I never would ride clipped before. I was even trying to learn to wheelie the other day in them.

But everyone has their own opinion and there are lots of good products. My girlfriend loves the Looks. And those Shimano Lance pedals seem pretty well liked. Don't think you can go wrong either way. There's always someone you can resell them too.