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Wheel upgrade question. Mavic Ksyrium Elite(6 posts)

Wheel upgrade question. Mavic Ksyrium Eliteshawn d
Jul 4, 2003 1:50 AM
I currently ride on Mavic Cosmos wheels. I don't race, just around the town and long road riding is what I enjoy. I'm fairly pleased with the ride of my bike (2002 Iron Horse Victory), but I'm just wondering how will upgrading to the Ksyrium Elite wheels enhance the ride of my bike? Will I really notice any differnce in the wheels? So far, I just know they're lighter and I like the way they look, but if there's no big gain performace wise, I'll stick to what I have. Any thoughts?
re: Wheel upgrade question. Mavic Ksyrium Elitexxl
Jul 4, 2003 7:48 AM
I have the Elites, and I don't notice much difference, except in crosswinds, and that is slight. I like the way they look, too, and in my case, the price was right, but don't look for a major change in your riding. Open Pros on 105s (and they come in oh-so-butch black!) are a hard wheelset to beat; cheap, durable, fast, easily repaired, and they blend well with any paint scheme. What more could you want?
re: Wheel upgrade question. Mavic Ksyrium EliteWelshboy
Jul 5, 2003 6:58 AM
I've no experience of Cosmos wheels but I'm delighted with my Ksyrium Elites (C10) which I've used all season on my TT bike and also on some fast training rides with the chain gang. I'm nearly 14st and quite powerful so I was a bit worried about the spoke count but they are perfectly straight and true at the moment.

Jul 4, 2003 7:56 AM
It'll look diffrent, but that's about all. And be more $ if you snap a spoke.
re: Wheel upgrade question. Mavic Ksyrium Elitecross bro
Jul 7, 2003 5:21 AM
Having recently purchased a pair of Ksyrium Elite, I rate them highly.
They are noticably quicker when climbing and under acceleration than my other wheels (Rolf Vector, Campag Shamal & Open Pro on 105) ... and more comfortable.
Jul 7, 2003 6:20 AM
Do you REALLY climb quicker? Have you measured it over time?

They may be faster accellerating over the few seconds you take to get to your 20mph of what ever - but have have actually measured your time over distance to off-set against interita?

Comfortable - have you ridden then with the same tires (I mean the ACTUAL tires - newer ones feel different to old ones) and tubes over the same terrian on the same bike?

You have to be aware of the congnative dissonance effect - we all like to think we have spend wisely - I know I do. But when I actually measure over time the difference - they just aren't really there. Very nice to have Gucci wheels, but that's not the same a real performace gains.