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Frame flex or Wheel flex?(2 posts)

Frame flex or Wheel flex?mxtater9
Jul 3, 2003 3:19 AM
Hello I'm new to road biking, I'm a semi converted Mt.biker I like all the differnet options (weather and streets) there is compared to Mt. biking. My question is how can you tell the diffence between Frame and wheel flex. I have a Fuji xfusion frame which is supposed to be stiff and a set of Ritchey aero pro ocr wheels, and I haven't broken a spoke YET! I can tell the most when I'm attacking a hill and in the drops and i'm out of the saddle the rear end feels really sluggish, I think it's the wheel it feels like it's bowing when I'm cranking maybe that's why everone is breaking spokes. Thanks for whatever help you can give me. Keith
hard to tellDougSloan
Jul 3, 2003 6:24 AM
If the wheel it hitting the brake pads, it's probably wheel flex. I get this with my Velomax Ascent Pros with the Lew carbon (very narrow) rims.

If you get ghost shifting in the rear, probably frame flex.

If none of the above, probably tire flex.

If you get chain rub on the front derailleur cage, probably bottom bracket/frame flex.

If you feel flex but none of the above, could be crank arm flex.

Sort of need to isolate what's going on. In any event, it's probably nothing to worry about. Maybe it's *your* rear end that's sluggish. ;-)