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Quick q - Is it possible to build a wheel 1x? (nm)(6 posts)

Quick q - Is it possible to build a wheel 1x? (nm)Iwannapodiumgirl
Jul 2, 2003 5:58 PM
Quick a - yesoff roadie
Jul 2, 2003 9:03 PM
You can do it on any wheel, but unless the spoke count is rather low, the result isn't functionally much different from radial lacing.
Well, it keeps Shimano happyjw25
Jul 3, 2003 9:52 AM
since they don't want people building their hubs up radial. I agree, the section of stressed spoke flange doesn't get much thicker 1x compared to radial, but it's a little better, and you get some of the torsional stiffness back, as well.
Personally, I like 2x, but I'm light and not too hard on wheels. I've got radial, but 2 came to me that way, and one I built on an American Classic Micro, so it had to be radial. Looks very nice, too.
"torsional" stiffness?off roadie
Jul 3, 2003 1:56 PM
1x spoking may meat the requirements of Shimano and same other warrenties, yes. OTOH, even on Shimaon hubs radial lacing is really not an issue (safety wise) if the wheel has 28 or fewer spokes, as there is more flange material than the regular spoke count hubs.

One nice thing about 1x lacing is (like radial lacing) its easy to do all heads in or all heads out. Heads out (rail or 1x) can be handy on left rear sides, as it reduces the flange distance on that side, allowing tension to better balance the right side.

What do you mean by "torsional" stiffness? If you mean the resistance to the rim moving in a direction that would be "out of true", radial lacing (easpacially with heads in) is very good, if not the best. If you mean the ability to resist the rim rotating around the hub (as from pedaling or disc brake torque forces) then 1x is hardly any better, unless the rim has 24 spokes or less.
And Campagnolo too...Iwannapodiumgirl
Jul 3, 2003 3:32 PM
That is why I am thinking of a 1x.

I have not seen it on any wheels, yet thinking of building up a pair of 32 hole Record hubs/Open Pro as a training wheel, and thought a 1x may do the trick.
I've kinda done 1xoff roadie
Jul 6, 2003 6:48 AM
I built a set of 24 spoke wheels using 36 hole compoants. The lacing was such that the cross value I used to figure the lenght (in spocalc) was actualy "1.5". The spokes are all heads out, and the spokes cross pretty far from the hub. I think the spoke angle relative to the hub is 15 degrees.
This was on a shimano 105 hub. I can't say what Shimano would do if I returned the hub, but the wheel has been fine. Given that a 32 hole hub has even more flange, I think you are safe going 1x there. I've done radila on 28 hole simano hubs, again with no problems.
I personally think 2x would look better for a conventional 32 spoke wheel, but that's just me- I think 1x looks funny on normal wheels.