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Painting a bike(8 posts)

Painting a bikeAcesFull
Jul 2, 2003 8:18 AM
My beloved road bike fits me perfectly, but is uglier than me. It's a Curloo that I picked up for super cheap when I first got into this sickness. I thought I would eventually move to some exotic foreign number, but she's just so damned comfortable.

But enough about my wife...

I'd like to paint her black. I've heard from a semi-serious mech that black grill spray paint looks cool. Has anyone tried this?

Should I just use a striper to remove the existing paint?

Do I need to sand the rough areas?

Any other suggestions?
Satin black paint.Spoke Wrench
Jul 2, 2003 9:17 AM
One of my best secrets. I use a chemical stripper to remove the old paint. Your finished product won't be any better than your surface preperation. Satin black paint isn't up to factory finish standards, but it doesn't scream "home paint job" either. I just use Rustolium or Krylon rattle cans, no need for a high temperature formula. For the finishing touch, you can try a vinyl "instant sign" company. They can print up your name or some custom stick on graphics.
re: Painting a bikeRoadrunner25
Jul 2, 2003 9:26 AM
It is a Cannondale Color by the way.

You need to remove as many parts as you can and tape off BB and steering.

Sand until smooth. No need to remove paint.

One suggestion is either Krylon Semi-Flat or Ultra-Flat.

Experiment with both.
re: Painting a bikeChen2
Jul 2, 2003 9:33 AM
If you use spray cans remember to turn the can upside down and shake the heck out of it along time before you shoot. And hold it upright while painting. Use smooth strokes, don't stop moving the can while shooting.
re: Painting a bikerussw19
Jul 2, 2003 1:20 PM
A kid I used to work with had an old Schwinn Bass Boat frame that he turned into a dirt jumping type bike. Everytime he would ride it he would end up with scratches on it from crashing and dropping the bike, but he never dented it or anything bad....

Eventually he started to paint it with black truck bed liner. Iron Liner I think is what it's called. It's a very flat matte black color, but almost impossible to scratch. It still had a home paint job look about it, but he just sprayed it on.... no pre-prep, so I bet it could look OK if you took the extra steps to prep it. But that stuff is the tuffest finish I have ever seen used on a bike.

Otherwise, if you want a pro paint job, check around for a local powdercoating business. I am about to have my Cannondale Saeco frame repainted to be incognito as a commuter bike. A local powdercoat shop quoted me $100-$120 (depends on color and how full the oven is when they put my frame in) but includes sandblasting the frame, 7 layers of powdercoat, 3 layers of clearcoat and my paint will be a metallic which ups the price some too. Not to bad if you ask me. I can post pics when I get it back, but it may still be 3 weeks before I have it done.

One other optionMarketing Dept
Jul 3, 2003 5:42 AM
Two cans of paint, say $8.00
Can of quality stripper, say $10.00
Sandpaper, oh $5.00
A whole day of toil, labor and the end result, a homemade paint job, not worth a dime.

One other option. I stumbled across "coatings" in my YellowPages section. I found a powder coating shop who:

chemical stripped frame
dipped my steel frame in a rust preventing agent
Powdercoated Crimson Red

Cost, $70.00

Result, the BEST single color paint job I have seen on a bike at any cost.

Best of all for me, I dropped it off, three days later, I picked it up. No fuss, no mess.
Just dropped off an old beloved frame to a PCer todayLone Gunman
Jul 3, 2003 4:35 PM
I wish I could get away with under $100 for PC. My guy has to strip off chrome that is pitted on the fork, order a small quantity of powder(of course I wanted a Molteni orange color, not stock, therefore the price just went up) could have gotten stock gloss black for $120. These guys are real pros, they did my other road frame last fall, I know the frame will look great when done, then I get to shoot some paint on the head tube and seat tube, line the lugs with gold paint, add some decals, and my commuter/retro bike looks like a million bucks again.
concerning spray/bomb canspappy_d
Jul 3, 2003 8:56 AM
If you are going to use the standard krylon style paint can from the hardware store, put it in a container of hot water ( not boiling) for a while before you spray, this makes the paint flow much better, if you keep the can warm and shake it enough you can get a pro job out of a couple of $4 cans.