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Campy 10-speed chain - what if...?(8 posts)

Campy 10-speed chain - what if...?Mink
Jul 1, 2003 8:14 PM
Are campy 10-speed chains really much weaker if you break and rejoin them the old-fashioned way, by pushing out a pin and pushing the same pin back in? Or is it just marketing BS to sell expensive kits?
Dont do it!the bull
Jul 2, 2003 2:43 AM
If you are ging to take your chain of get a connex link they are only five bucks and you can take the chain on and off as many times as you want!
NOT BS...C-40
Jul 2, 2003 5:23 AM
All flush-pin chains have pins and side plates that are heavily peened to keep the pins in place. Once a pin is pushed out the side, the peening is destroyed. All that remains is the light press fit to keep the pin in place.

There are folks who do this and claim to have no problems, but the risk is high and the results of a failure could be expensive or deadly.

If you maintain the chain properly, it should never need to be removed. If you want to make it removable, the Wipperman Connex link is the perfect answer. Only costs $5. It's the cheapest insurance that you can buy.
Buy an extra onePaulCL
Jul 2, 2003 5:27 AM
Buy an extra connex link and keep it in your saddle bag. Cheap insurance.
Actually, it was the bike shop wot did it!Mink
Jul 2, 2003 10:13 AM
Thanks for your input, guys. I have the same concern, but I wondered if anyone had actually suffered a chain-break on one of these chains where they joined a link this way.

You may be interested to know that my brand new Colnago CT1 was supplied with the chain joined without the HD link - they even handed me the three links which they had trimmed from the chain, including the stamped link into which the HD pin is supposed to go.

I went back today and made them give me a new chain. BTW, I'm in South Africa, so not sure if we get connex links - but I'll definitely go looking for one.

Thanks again
Actually, it was the bike shop wot did it!russw19
Jul 2, 2003 1:30 PM
If you can't find one, post a message here for me and I will send you one. I have about 5 or 6 at the moment.

Actually, it was the bike shop wot did it!Mink
Jul 3, 2003 9:43 AM
Thanks mate. I checked with the LBS today and discovered that we DO get Wipperman chains here, but he wasn't sure about the link - he'll come back to me. May only be next week...
re: Campy 10-speed chain - what if...?Welshboy
Jul 2, 2003 11:04 AM
A little story from me about when I tried to be clever and rejoin a C10 chain...

I've quite enjoyed competing this season despite having some really crap rides and two DNF's including my first Open event of the season where my chain snapped at the start line of the R10/22.

This was a classic. I was on the start line doing the hyperventilating bit, trying to look like a coiled spring, like a fit, lean athlete ready to explode off the start line and rip around the course to do a short ‘20'. As the timekeeper came to the 5-4-3-2-1 bit I lifted my pert bottom off the saddle to give it extra welly and on "GO" I gave it all I had. Buttabing! My chain snapped with a noise like a bullet ricochet and I was instantly pedalling fresh air. I gave my knee a hell of a smack on the bars and how I didn't come off I don't know. But the force of my start had built up enough energy to get me underway and, too embarrassed to stop and face the timekeeper, I cruised back to the headquarters with my chain streaming behind me. "Nice scooter mate," commented some wise guy.

Don't do it Mink!