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Do derailer pulleys wear out ?(5 posts)

Do derailer pulleys wear out ?JimboTero
Jun 29, 2003 3:55 AM
I have Shimano Ultegra components. I've been wondering, since the chain (replaced twice) and the cassette (replaced once) wear out, after riding the bike about 15,000 kilometers, do the derailer pulleys also ever need changing ? I Regrease the ceramic bushing on the non-sealed one periodically.They seem to shift fine.
If so,are stock Shimano Ultegra or D/A (is it an upgrade?) pulleys better or after-market sealed bearing ones ?Aluminum or plastic ? I've used aluminum aftermarket ones without much trouble, but on a non-indexed Shimano over 14 years ago...
re: Do derailer pulleys wear out ?M_Currie
Jun 29, 2003 6:28 AM
They can wear out. They can go at the bushing and start to wobble, and also eventually the part that contacts the chain can wear out and get noisy. But they don't wear out very fast, especially if you maintain them. If they shift fine and don't make funny noises, I wouldn't worry.
re: Do derailer pulleys wear out ?LC
Jun 29, 2003 8:10 AM
The worse thing about the Ultegra upper pulley is that is starts to squeek. The lower sealed one seems to work forever. Grease only works for a few miles and then it squeeks worse than ever and seems to have alot of friction. The Dura Ace or sealed bearing aluminum ones work better for upper, but you have to have your gears dialed in perfectly without the built in play.
re: Do derailer pulleys wear out ?JimP
Jun 29, 2003 2:43 PM
Yes, the pulleys can wear and need replacing. The Dura Ace pulleys aren't exactly sealed and the upper one has a double row of ball bearings to allow the pulley to have a little side-to-side movement. These balls are less than 2mm diameter where the aftermarket pulleys use a larger ball but don't move side-to-side. If you keep your rear derailer adjusted, the aftermarket pulleys will shift as well as the originals. Also, the plastic pulleys may be a little quieter but wear a little faster than the aluminum ones. I have a pair of Carmichel pulleys on one bike with over 50,000 miles on them and they still have a lot of life left.
Thanks, that helpsJimboTero
Jun 30, 2003 10:20 PM
I take good pretty good care of my drive train (chain, cassette, rings) and clean the pulleys when I clean the chain. So far, no squeak & shifts O.K.
Thanks for the feedback !