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Hey, russw19 .. 10sp questions.(4 posts)

Hey, russw19 .. 10sp questions.12x23
Jun 28, 2003 4:43 PM
I read your post down below ... did you get any word on upgrading from 9sp to 10sp? Will the upgrade require new chaingrings? I hope not as I would like to upgrade my climbing bike so I would have a 16t cog with the 12x25 cassette and avoid the skilsaw-look crankset/big chainring. I saw a picture on the net or in Velonews some time back of a Rabobank bike (I think) with 10s and the 9sp crank, but didn't notice the chainrings. Also, will the current D/A f.der. work with 10sp?

Thanks in advance.
re: Hey, russw19 .. 10sp questions.russw19
Jun 28, 2003 8:52 PM
The friend of mine that works for Shimano is the top Shimano mechanic at all their NORBA events... so right now he's on the road at NORBA events.... not in the office in California. So what limited stuff he knows about Dura-Ace isn't too much yet... he's seen it, but hasn't put time in on it. That said... here's what I know... and then what I suspect.

It has been told to me that you will be able to use your old wheels... meaning if there is a change in the cassette body or the spline pattern, 10 speed cogs will still fit the 9 speed body and pattern. Or at least there will be 10 speed cogs to fit 9 speed wheels. (this leads to a possible speculation of mine... more on it in a minute..)

You will need a new derailleur and shifters, and chain. No word on if a new front derailleur or crank is a must or just recommended. That's all I know. Sorry, it's not much, but I am playing the same waiting game as everyone else.

Now, here's what I suspect based on past Shimano trends and what they did last year with XTR. Keep in mind XTR didn't add a cog, so there is new ground here, but some of this is also based on what happened with Campy and what Shimano did when they went from 8 to 9.

I would be willing to guess that the front derailleur will still work. It will be wider than needed, which will slow down shifting, but may be a benefit when if comes to running a big ring bigger cog combo... wider derailleur means less rubbing on large chain angles. I also suspect that the chain will go from 6.8mm to 6.2mm like Campy did. If so, you may need a slightly different crank (chainrings actually) so that the chain can not fall between the rings, but I doubt that would be crucial, and just be recommended.

Here's why I think that... If you look at riders like Tyler Hamilton, he has the Dura-Ace 10 in some race photos, but he is using an FSA crank in the same photos (sorry, I don't remember what race I saw these pics in) but I would suspect that they are either using normal Shimano 9 speed rings on the FSA crank, or they used a Campy 10 crank, or FSA remade some chainrings to make it fit. With Campy, the only difference between the 9 and 10 speed cranks is that the outer chainring is spaced slightly closer to the inner ring. But FSA has invested too much money into the aftermarket crank market to not make a chainring to fit the new stuff when it comes out. So I am sure you will be able to buy aftermarket rings to fit. But again, this part is just my speculation.

Sorry that really wasn't what you asked, but it's the best answers I have for now.


whoops... forgot my cog theory... if Shimano dratically changes the cog pattern for the 10 speed group, then they may release 10 speed cogs in both "old" and "new" spline patterns. I really don't think they will make a change drastic enough to make you buy a 100% new groupo, but expect some level of upgradability over most people's existing 9 speed stuff.
re: I'll go and look at it...Gianicolo
Jun 28, 2003 9:24 PM
Hey guys,

I'm reading this in the early morning at breakfast before a morning group ride, so don't have too much time.

A friend of me has a bike with 10 speed Shimano hanging in his bike shop. It's the bike of Dave Zabriskie (US Postal), who's injured. I've been testriding that bike but didn't look at the problem you ask...

One of these days I'll go and see him again. Tell me what I should look at... Probably I can take close-up pictures of what you like! I do have a set of close pictures, maybe this could solve the problem.

Contact by email is possible:
Thanks guys12x23
Jun 29, 2003 5:04 AM
I am hopeful the upgrade will only require shifters, chain, r.der, chainrings, and maybe f.der. (if recommended). When I upgraded a bike from 8sp to 9sp D/A some years back I used those parts along with the 8sp f.der. and everything worked great.