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Rear wheel truing problems(2 posts)

Rear wheel truing problemsloki_1
Jun 27, 2003 8:47 AM
I have an older bike with conventional wheels.

My first rim (campy) lasted one season and died with half a mile to go on a century ride (whew).

The next rim (also a campy) lasted through 7-8 seasons and some weight gain by the rider with nary a wobble. I have since lost all the weight gain and am the lightest I have ever been on this bike. Last year this rim faced its demise when a spoke broke in a big way and the rim went beyond the point of no return.

I replaced the rim with a Sun aero rim (not sure of the model, but nothing extravagant). This year I had a spoke break on it, my LBS replaced it and trued the wheel. 400 miles later my wheel is out of whack again. I went back to the shop and they trued it at no charge, i do like their service, a small mom and pop shop. The woman said i might want to consider a stronger (but heavier) wheelset. I dont think i am pushing the limits of a conventional wheel (i am 6'2 200#) and I am not hard on them.

In talking to a neighbor of mine, he had a similar problem and it ended up being the aluminum nipples that were used on his wheel, once he had them replaced, his problem was solved.

Anyone have similar experiences? What was your solution?
re:Spoke breaking problemsChen2
Jun 27, 2003 10:19 AM
It's usually the loose spokes that break, and most often on the non-drive side of the rear wheel in the "j" bend at the hub. This is because that is where the spoke flex causes wear. My recommended solution is to buy the new Park spoke tensiometer or at least check the tension by sound and feel. I don't think you need a heavier wheel.