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Ultegra Brakes Twisting(4 posts)

Ultegra Brakes Twistingpearlbeer
Jun 26, 2003 5:58 AM
I have Ultegra Brakes with approx 500miles. The brakes, particularly the rear brake seems to twist and go off center where the brake bolts to the frame. I have tightend the bolts. Is there any reason this is happening? I'm am sure I am at the point where I am seeing cable stretch, but I would not think that could pull the brakes off center. Should the frame bolts be treated with tread-loc or teflon tape?
Couple'a things to check.Spoke Wrench
Jun 26, 2003 6:48 AM
Most of the time on a bicycle when something seems really goofy, the solution is to go back and start over from the very beginning.

First, make sure the little adjustment screw on your right brake arm is approximately 1/2 way out, disconnect your brake cable and see where the brake arms fall. They should be pretty close to equi-distant from the rim. If they're not, reposition the caliper on the frame so that they are.

Now check your cable housing. If it's too short, when you pull on the brake lever it will cause the caliper to twist.

Reattach your brake cable, make the final fine adjustment with the screw on the right arm so that both arms clamp and release simultaneously, and you're good to go.
re: Ultegra Brakes TwistingQuack
Jun 26, 2003 1:18 PM
You may want to install a knurled washer on the mounting bolt to give it some bite on the frame. I had a similar issue on a cromoly fork that didn't have a perfectly flat seat for the brake. The knurled washer held it well. If your brake nuts are not loosening in use, loctite or teflon won't do much for you.

Good luck!
Loosen, then tightenKerry
Jun 26, 2003 6:01 PM
Odds are that you are tightening the brakes in an off-center position. You can "center" them by hand, but you are actually just shifting the mechanism off center, and when you use the brakes they "self-center" in an off-centered position. Here's a suggested approach: 1) apply the brakes several times so that they assume the position they want (probably off-center), 2) loosen the anchor bolt so that the brake can be centered easily with minimal force, 3) center the brake either lightly by hand or by repeatedly applying the brakes - watch to make sure the brake bolt axis doesn't move as you release the brakes, 4) tighten the anchor bolt, watching the brakes to make sure they don't pivot as you tighten the bolt (if they pivot, hold them steady with pressure on the brake arm that attaches to the anchor bolt). This should work fine.