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Bell Alchera helmet?(3 posts)

Bell Alchera helmet?trout_bum
Jun 25, 2003 2:38 PM
Poor mans Ghisallo? Anyone use one of these-whaddya think? Thanks
re: Bell Alchera helmet?Ironbutt
Jun 26, 2003 4:34 AM
I have one of these, and like it a lot. It is comfortable (for my pin-head, anyway) and well ventilated. Living in South Florida, ventilation is important; it ws about 91 when I was on the bike yesterday. I particularly like the ability to adjust the fit via the GPS system on the fly. It's about one ounce heavier than some of the other popular helmets, but I don't notice that at all. A good helmet value in my opinion.
my roommate just got oneFrith
Jun 27, 2003 6:51 AM
and I have the ghisallo. Poor man's ghisallo is a good description....It doesn't disappear on your head like the ghisallo but it does fit the same so if you like the fit of the ghisallo you will like the alchera. If you can get your hands on a performance coupon then your looking at about half the price too.