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A question and a DOH!(1 post)

A question and a DOH!5ive
Jun 24, 2003 11:56 AM
Question: My clubmate dropped her chain today while trying to shift from small to big ring. I stopped to help her and noticed that the chain had come out of the lower pulley cage. I had to spread the cage a bit to pop the chain back in. Is this fairly common? What causes this?

DOH!: After we got back on the road I start hearing strange high-pitched noise coming from my rear wheel. Darn! Just bought these Ksyrium SL's! Wait...Hmmm...the noise is audible only when I'm descending at fast speed... Stop, check the wheel, nothing's wrong. Maybe it's ok now... nope... Bzzzzzzzzz... I had to stop 2 more times before I figured out that the cable end from the front derailleur was caught between the seat tube and the rear tire. DOH!